"Getting Baptized Is A Protection...."

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  • dubstepped

    I'm sure that most of us heard that line when we were young. I never could convince myself of that, other than that it hung a blade over my head that would then be on the chopping block should I err in some way and thus they would be protected from me, but I also knew that I needed to do so anyway. Otherwise I'd be a pariah if I got older and didn't take the step, and I wanted to be good in their eyes.

    I finally figured it out though. It actually finally became a protection for me. If I hadn't been baptized I never could have disassociated, and now I actually am protected from the ten kinds of crazy that the toxic organization brings to people. They can't talk to me now even if they wanted to. No more passive aggressive comments. No more bigoted statements to listen to. No more fear mongering directed at me.

    Looks like they were right all along, just not in the way that they thought.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Yeah, I've heard other elders say that to kids, I cringed. I was an elder too but knew the majority of these kids would be ass out in no time once their libido's kicked in. Protection? Nope.
  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    It is a similar threat that the Catholic Church gives to parents if their baby isn't baptized...then it cannot go to heaven if it dies.

    The JWs are in many ways not too different from the churches they despise.

  • berrygerry

    It is a similar threat that the Catholic Church gives to parents if their baby isn't baptized...then it cannot go to heaven if it dies.The JWs are in many ways not too different from the churches they despise.

    Dubs are a million times worse.

    Even though Catholics are close to 1/2 of the Christian population in Western lands, do you know of a single one that you have been told to avoid because they have been excommunicated?

  • LostGeneration

    I was told this when I hesitated and put it off for years. I finally got dunked just after my 18th birthday, what a hellish mistake. At the time I was subtly told that I would be executed if Armageddon happened to come, as I hadn't made a stance for Jah.

    Fucked up cult.

  • smiddy

    Once you become baptized you become a slave to their dictates of rules and regulations , in short you lose your freedom of choice.



    "Getting Baptized Is A Protection...."

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  • freemindfade

    All getting baptized does, is get you wet.

    Now being sworn into any totalitarian group, be it religious, cult government etc, can offer some sort of prevention by demanding obedience under penalty of something.

    For the witnesses this membership give protection for what exactly? Morals?

    Obey or else. I personally would rather be surrounded by "disobedient" people, who will do things because they are good people, not "obedient". my friend was told by a CO's wife, "The desert god doesn't want good people, he wants obedient people". think about the implications of that. Obedience for fear of punishment or granting of reward (as the witnesses are) is so shallow! What happens often when one of these "obedient" ones abandons the rules? Well then yes, they harm themselves, because they are just "obedient".

    I think baptism as a protection is nonsense, does it technically maybe prevent some things, yea I guess just like demanding certain secular laws under penalty of punishment does. But it DOES NOT make you a good person. It may actually do more harm than good, because it makes you reliant on rules for your morals and behavior, take it away and what do you have? confusion.

  • Vidiot
    Funny, I never felt especially "protected".
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Telling young minds ''getting baptized is protection'' is a control tactic. Especially young impressionable minds, say before the age of 18. It's a billion year contract which you can never get out of without immense mental strain and social ramifications. Like someone said before it's like 'The Hotel California, you can enter but you can never get out of.'

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