"Getting Baptized Is A Protection...."

by dubstepped 12 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    Do not do it until at least 18 years old. At least you will be making a conscious decision for yourself. Any younger is equaled to infant baptism of the Chistendom.

    It's a trap, a trap, a trap!!!

  • freemindfade

    about as much a protection as this...

  • jws

    Protection. Hmmm. Not according to what the JWs wanted. The night I got baptized (I believe 16 or 17), my brother, myself, and another friend at the hall all stayed in the main hotel in town. That night, we went to the room of 4 worldly girls. I know my brother made out one. Me, the baptized one made out with two. I think our friend made out with one too. One wanted to see my junk so I showed it to her. I don't doubt if we were more savvy, things could have gone a LOT further.

    Baptism didn't protect me from temptation. At first I thought it was a test I failed. Now I wish I would have been more savvy.

    I must add that I don't care if I was baptized JW. To them it means something legally within the context of their rules. To me, it means nothing. So I'm not upset I did it. I'm not trying to annul it. To me, its nothing. It's like a pinky-swear you did as a kid.

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