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  • SixofNine

    the ECM version. Tell me more Hillary.

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  • LDH

    Hey PR Capone,

    I lived in Aguada. In Bo. Guanaquilla. It was great, right on the beach. Love it there.


  • hillary_step


    ECM is a very eclectic label who sign Jazz musicians only and have had an uncompromising vision since inception. Their CD's are renown for their haunting black and white images, often lonely landscapes, and their simplicity of theme. They have always been one of my favorite labels.

    I have had very little to do with them but I will see if I can dig up a graphics contact for you.

    Best regards - HS

  • riz


    those photos are awesome.

  • greven


    We are particulary keen on tolerance, perhaps therin lies also the explanation of legal pot et all.

    Yeah, OK OK!! Go easy on me!

    **Viv: say it!**

    **Greven: say what?**

    **Viv raising her hand**

    Yes, YES I am proud of the tolerance! And secularism! Honest!

    **Greven mumbling: Tolerance has some minor side effects though.**


    But...YES!! YES!! All in all I am HAPPY to live in my country. **Starts singing the national anthem, Wilhelmus(tm) **

    Have I offended you, my precious?

    Greven ** still rubbing his head after some serious whacking by Vivamus **

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  • Vivamus


    *starts singing the Wilhelmus along with Greven, tho is a bit out of tune, cuz can't keep tone*

    *feels the tolerance of the Dutch*

    Sorry I twacked you


    Rayzorblade is a bit of mixture, let me tell you.
    Canuck for starters.
    My parents/grandparents/great-grandparents etc. were all born in Canada. 
    The only exception was my maternal grandmother's mother, she was born in 
    which was a British colony before joining Canada in 1949.
    It's a mixture of Scottish descent, Irish and Mi'kmaq
    (First Nations, native Indian from Atlantic Canada/Quebec/Maine, USA)
    as well as, Acadian French. 
    Add'm up: you get alot of alcoholics 
    "What colour are your eyes Rayzorblade? 
    Reply: bloodshot

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