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    *Frows at Greven* *Twacks Greven on the head*

    Not much to be proud of I'm afraid, save Heineken and secularism...

    I beg your pardon??!!!!

    Viv, proud of all that's typical for Holland.

    Edited to add: We are particulary keen on tolerance, perhaps therin lies also the explanation of legal pot et all.

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    Thanks for replies!!

    I seem to have forgotten our own Canadain symbols!!!

    Molson Canadian...Hockey...the Mounties....and lets not forget the all important Canadian Beaver


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    I will just focus on Missouri: Hmmmmm


    Missouri muh ZOOR ee or muh ZOOR uh , is an important industrial and farming state of the Midwest region of the United States. Its location and its two great rivers have made Missouri a center of water, land, and air transportation.

    Kansas City, Missouri

    The mighty Mississippi River forms Missouri's eastern border. The wide Missouri River winds across the state from west to east. A wealth of food, manufactured products, and raw materials is shipped on these waterwaysthe nation's longest rivers. Kansas City and St. Louis rank among the chief U.S. air and rail terminals. They also are among the nation's top trucking centers. Several major railroad lines cross the state, including three that carry Amtrak passenger trains. Major highways, including five interstate highways, also crisscross Missouri.

    Missouri bird, floral emblem, and tree

    Vast fields of golden grain and green grasses cover the rolling plains in the north and west. Swift streams tumble through the wooded plateau of southern Missouri. This scenic region, called the Ozarks, is one of the major recreation areas of the Midwest.

    Average January temperatures in Missouri

    Most of Missouri's workers are employed in service industries, which include government, health care, and retail trade. The state's factories turn out large numbers of airplanes and automobiles. Some manufacturing activities, such as meat packing and fertilizer production, are related to Missouri's huge farm output. Missouri ranks among the leading producers of beef cattle, hogs, and soybeans.

    Average July temperatures in Missouri

    Missouri is sometimes called the Mother of the West because it once lay at the frontier of the United States. The state supplied many of the pioneers who settled the vast region between Missouri and the Pacific Ocean. St. Louis, St. Charles, Independence, St. Joseph, and Westport Landing (now Kansas City) served as jumping-off places for the westbound pioneers. The historic Santa Fe Trail led from Independence to the rich, faraway Southwest. Thousands of settlers also followed the Oregon Trail from Independence to the Pacific Northwest. Furs brought from the Northwest made St. Louis the fur capital of the world.

    Missouri flag and seal

    During the American Civil War (1861-1865), Missourians were torn between loyalties to the South and to the Union. After the war, manufacturing developed rapidly, and St. Louis and Kansas City grew into industrial giants. Agriculture also expanded, and Missouri became a great farming state.

    Mark Twain home

    Many outstanding Americans have lived in Missouri. They include Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States; Mark Twain, the creator of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn; Walt Disney, the famous motion-picture producer; Eugene Field, the beloved children's poet; George Washington Carver, the great scientist; Joseph Pulitzer, the famous journalist; Scott Joplin, a ragtime music composer; General John J. Pershing and General Omar N. Bradley, military commanders; and Thomas Hart Benton and George Caleb Bingham, noted painters.

    The state's name comes from the Missouri River. The word Missouri probably came from an Indian word meaning the town of the large canoes. Missouri's nickname is the Show Me State. This nickname is usually traced to a speech by Congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver of Missouri in 1899. Speaking in Philadelphia, Vandiver said: "... frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me. I am from Missouri. You have got to show me."

    Jefferson City is Missouri's capital, and Kansas City is the largest city.

    He heee

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    only britain can put on a military display like this

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    Recent Texas sky

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    Oh wow sixy! Beautiful!

    My home country tis of thee...

    COUNTRY DESCRIPTION: Romania has undergone profound political and economic changes since the 1989 revolution, and it is in a period of economic transition. Most tourist facilities, while being upgraded, have not yet reached Western European standards. The capital is Bucharest.

    EEE ghad!



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    ...earlier that same day.

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    You need to contact ECM Records and greyscale your images. Your style is very suited to them.


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    more the way it really looked:

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