At what age do you plan to retire?

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  • Derrick

    You raised an issue that many JWs in my congregation and district consider a very sore subject indeed. For many assumed that Jehovah would have destroyed this world by now, letting them off the hook from financial obligations that face retirees in this system of things. And not to mention that many JWs feel remorse and guilt from their ill-fated decisions not to attend college.

    Many JWs I have spoken with have privately confessed knowing in their heart of hearts that the Society's advice on not continuing education and creating a good career was very foolish advice that left no contingency for Jehovah himself. They realize it is JEHOVAH and not individuals who cannot possibly know the day or hour (as not even the Son knows) who will decide the ultimate timetable and countdown to Armageddon. As it turns out, this generation is indeed passing away but not to pave the way for a new millennium, but for another generation of people who will worship God and learn the truth. As such, Armageddon could very well occur centuries from now, long after the Moon and Mars are colonized and travel to other solar systems is realized. Believe it or not, that possibility is less scary than considering that God may simply change his mind and direct mankind through his Holy Spirit and Son to restore Earth to "paradise" through technology that is governed by the very laws He originally created.

    At what age do I plan to retire?

    Well, as one who took the "wisdom" from the Governing Body with a healthy grain of salt, I created a successful career involving working with high tech corporations over the past twenty years. I also obtained a Bachelors in Business Administration to allow for greater income upward mobility. Recently I was earning in one year what the average employee earned in three years.

    One brother gave me a stunning perspective of this by saying that it is as if I was earning the same as the average employee, except I get a two year paid vacation every three years. It's actually even more pronounced because every year I'm racking up the equivalent of three years compensation for an average employee, so that in ten years I have been paid what it takes thirty years for the average employee to make.

    As a JW who has allowed freedom of thought to triumph over thought-control, I feel proud of this accomplishment and for having chosen a career that I have always wanted since childhood as the frosting on the cake. As a result of all this, Jan, I'm now semi-retired, owning a home without any mortgage in one of the most expensive real estate markets in America. I enjoy the intellectually stimulating work with corporations that I do, and don't wish to enter full retirement until at least 60 or 65 years of age. (I'll wait to age 67.5 to collect the fully allowable Social Security benefits by law.)

    I wish that especially young JWs reading this (but without exception to any JW reading this) would accept the blessings from a good career and fruitfully planned retirement that Jehovah gave Job and His other faithful children throughout human history. Remember that the Governing Body can easily tell you not to pursue these blessings "just in case" Armageddon is near, simply because they live rich lives at Bethel. They eat meals that are more bountiful and nutritious than many many billionaires because in truth they are billionaires without a care in the world. They are already retired and set for life IOW. Why should you, brothers and sisters who are reading this, believe that Jehovah wants you to economically suffer? The Psalmist prayed for neither poverty or riches, and yet many JWs will die in abject poverty because they didn't make the preparations necessary to live fruitfully.

    I chose a career that I enjoyed and had talent in because it would make my years of hard work meaningful. I got a degree to give me the necessary access to corporate resources and a job that would fulfill my career objectives. Even if you get a degree over the Internet through a reputable and accredited University it is well worth its weight in gold, especially in this deepening recession. When we come out of the recession with no Armageddon in sight then this degree will carry us through to the bitter end of human life that none of us can escape and even those God loved most in Bible history faced. Every decade that Armageddon is delayed, millions more accept Christ as their Savior and Jehovah as their God. The price for their salvation is our experiencing the sting of death that all must accept on our road to everlasting life.


  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond

    I work for the government and I have PERS, so I hope to retire when I'm 55.

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  • Carmel

    Retire? Heck, I tried that once already at 55. Couldn't handle the hard work so got a job so I could get some rest.. Weekends are still hard on me, landscaping, remodeling house etc. Love my job so will keep it for another few years then relax and only do consulting until the daisys need some fertilizer.


  • pr_capone

    I would love to retire by the time I am 35.... that is my goal.

  • Fe2O3Girl

    I would like to retire at about 55, but as Ballistic commented, I will probably be working full time until I drop dead at 83. That will nicely solve another problem for the state of looking after me in my dotage.

  • freedom96

    I am in my mid thirties, and I will retire before 40.

  • LB

    After 32 years in a union I retired at age 50. But I have elected to not collect my pension until I'm 62 which is 6 years away. I've got a couple of investments which keep me afloat, although just barely.

    I know a lot of JW"s that will have to work until they die. Very sad.

  • ugg

    we will work till we die....we have nothing...the end was coming....we believed that...god,,,how foolish.....and i feel so tired already....i am 49....

  • Derrick
    we will work till we die....we have nothing...the end was coming....we believed that...god,,,how foolish.....and i feel so tired already....i am 49....

    It doesn't have to end this way. You might consider starting a home business over the Internet selling popular products or any fundamental goods or services you think will sell in a recessionary economy. There are some pretty impressive ads on television for Internet businesses, and although I have not tried any of these they look like potential plans for those like yourself who have nothing to show for their years of honest labor.

    The long and the short of it, is this. You need to think your way out of the mess you are in! Don't delay. I have heard many success stories over the years of people who are broke in mid life, find a business (like brother Bill Bowen of running a candle business to support his family and ultimately their retirement), and ask Jehovah in prayer to help you prosper in this business. Then go for it! Afterall, Jehovah blesses those who are willing to try their very best to succeed. Your efforts now in starting a home business could very well give you a better retirement than many corporate lifers could ever dream of attaining.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are in a unique position to turn their handicap into opportunity because of the favorable small business climate and generous government assistance through the Small Business Administration in the United States. Many small businesses even obtain government grants to subsidize their lean years, and when I say "small" I mean that the board room of these small enterprises consists of a dining room table. You can do it too.


  • wednesday

    My hubby(Billy Jack) is mid 50's and will continue to work until 65-unless he gets forced out of his job by corp. That does happen, companies sometimes start pushing u to retire in your 50's and if u don't they start "writing u up' for stupid stuff and before u know it-u are out. This happened to Billy jack's cousin. Poor guy-forced to take a smaller pension and pressured out of his job.And Billy Jack says that if they will let him, and he is able, he'll work part time after 65. Staying active is the key to staying alive.

    I have had to sort of take really early retirement, b/c of severe health problems that require i take pain meds. It has been difficult to adjsut to staying home.

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