At what age do you plan to retire?

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  • JH

    So many people start working young in life, and expect to retire around 58 years old. Some even retire much before that.

    But so many witnesses never expected to reach that age in this system. Now they will be forced to work to a ripe old age because they have no pension plan.

    Will you have to work up to 65 or over because of miscalculations due to the JW's?

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  • animal

    I will work till I die....


  • Sargon

    Retirement?? Planning???

    I didn't expect to live past 30, now I'm over 40. I think my country's going to require me to die at work to help sustain our great social net.

  • Grunt

    I hope to retire in six years. I am fifty three and will have worked and paid into social security since I was fifteen. Not that I will be counting on that, my job retirement is what I will drawing from and from Tax Sheltered Annuities. We are really looking forward to it. Hook my old diesel Suburban up to my little camper and take off for every national park and state park that we have never seen or would like to see again. It will be great.
    We aren't wishing the six years away, just like I don't wish away work weeks, I try to enjoy every breathe I draw. Still, Fridays and retirement sound pretty good.


  • larc

    I am 62, and retired at 59 1/2, the soonest I could draw money out of my IRA without being penalized. I left the Witnesses at a young age, invested in my education for several years, then started investing in my retirement account.

  • CoonDawg

    I too want to retire earlier than many. I will do so whenever it is financially possible for me to. I will always work at something, but I hope to have planned for my future enough that I will be working because I want to keep busy doing something that I CHOOSE to do, rather than becuase I don't have a pot to piss in and I have to make ends meet.


  • ballistic

    Well I don't have the exact figures, but we in England pay into a tax based pension scheme. it is estimated that this scheme, in order to pay out in 50 years time would have to tax the then working population at 50% purely just to pay the pensions, avoiding all the other expenditure.

    SO there's lots of options to opt out and get your own pension. I still end up confused as to how well off I will be.

  • xjw_b12

    FREEDOM 55 Now that I know I'm not going to live forever !

    All I can say is I am so thankful that I saw thru the BS at an earlier age, and starting putting substantial amounts away each year, since I was 23, to prepare for future kids education and wife and I's retirement.

  • Mary

    Retire? What on earth are you talking about? Armageddon will be here LONG before any of us retire!!!

  • Blueblades

    I gave it all to the Society,(Jehovah's Kingdom Interest )Afterall,I didn't need it,we were never going to grow old enough to have to collect social security or worry about having a pension,or, plan for the Golden Years.

    So now I can't wait until Im broke! You see I'm in debt now and when I get out of debt,I'll be broke and that will be a time to celebrate,owing no one and being broke!

    Then we will start to save so that we can retire when neither one of us has to worry about the bills anymore. When will that be? Ten more years when I'm 70 years young.Until then barring any sudden surprises we will keep on keeping! Blueblades

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