It had sounded to good to be true.

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  • Tornintwo

    Great post and thread, rebel, thanks. Such interesting accounts, wow, this cult leaves it's mark doesn't it?

    xjwsrock, can't believe you said all that and you are still a serving elder, wow, how do you do it?

    me in brief:

    where am I in recovery....: volatile, only 6 months into awakening, I have healthy days when I feel exhilarated and free and want to walk away with my head held high, knowing it's a damaging cult....then there are days that pull me back in to self doubt, guilt, worried about what they think, missing the community., wondering if this is the right thing to do.....then there are days when i know it's b.s, but I am so, so angry with myself for putting me and my kids through this and messing up a great deal of opportunities in the best years of my life....

    so yeah, I'm all over the place....

    how long? Only 6 months from finally acknowledging serious doubts, researching and gradually awakening (an ongoing process)

    where do I hope to be in a year? Not looking back anymore, living an authentic life, no guilt, no self doubt, back in the land of the living, with more non witness friends and a social life, no longer caring what the witnesses think or say, giving the whole religion (even ex-jw stuff) less mental energy and time and just living my life as if it never darkened my path, for my kids to be healthy, happy and successful OUTSIDE the cult, it would be absolutely great if my hubby woke up too but it's never going to happen.....

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Tornintwo, thank you for your post, it was a fantastic read. May I say In my exsperience I liked to think the clock is ticking and with each second I was healing a little more. It takes time but I hope in a years time you are living that authentic life, without self doubt you wish for. And I would add you have no reason for guilt, for leaving the W.T and being true to yourself and family.

    The Rebel.

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    Still in, not serving anymore.

    My heart is not into it. But, I have many friends and family very active. Just taking it very slowly, but on my terms.

  • floriferous

    I spent over half a century man & boy in the WT cult & it feels so good to read what you wonderful people have put into words. Your comments reflect exactly my emotions. Emotions that I find difficult to express & contend with.

    Love to you all


  • eyeuse2badub


    Hang in there with your wife. I was in a very similar situation as you. Been married for 49 years in January and still very much in love. When I first resigned due to reluctantly accepting ttatt, it was difficult and even combative at times. However, today she accepts me for who I am, and I am a better person by far now that I'm out from under the mind control of the borg.

    I lived my life for the borg for decades. Now I live life and truly enjoy my family, friends, and freedom.

    just saying!


  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Anyway this thread is proof that " sometimes things that are too good to be true,can be true" This thread is therefore dedicated to all the posters, and lurkers who won't let the Watchtower stand in their way to a better future.

    There is no better way to live life than being true to yourself.

    The Rebel.

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