The British, What Do You Reckon?

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  • Englishman

    Come on, we've been talking about Canadians so much lately that my ears are freezing up.

    What I want to know is, what do you think of us Brits?

    Do you think that we are cute and cuddly for example?

    Or have we all got stiff upper lips?

    Or are we cold frigid bastards who still want class distinction!

    Umm, maybe we're good friends to have around?

    We really, really want to know what the world thinks of us. So, tell us!

    Englishman. BTW, I have seen the Queen.

  • Celtic

    Stuff what the world thinks of us, most of this blinkin planet has got their heads so far craned over their own backsides they're so far up that the friggin sun don't shine.

    We couldn't possibly be considered cantankerous, or could we?

  • Sargon

    All of the above, E-man.

    North Americans and British are two people separated by a common language. (or something like that)

    Love your beer but you guys gotta learn what a refrigerator is for.

  • Celtic

    Courtesy of the Peace Not War movement

    Title Image: Mad Dogs and Englishmen

    Englishman, for you ....

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  • dottie

    I have never met or spoke with a Brit that I didn't like. The Brits that I know are quite witty and charming...and I always like to go for a pint with them !


    PS: and that accent!!! DAMN!!! *is now feeling quite flushed*

  • Celtic

    How awfully splendid of you to say so, I say absolutely splendidly marvellous.


  • Crazy151drinker

    I'll take them any day over the French..........

  • expatbrit

    From my objective viewpoint I think the British are the master race, chosen by God and destiny to bring enlightenment, commerce, Christianity and civilization to the world. It is indeed agreeable to reflect upon the rapid progress, and general diffusion of learning and civility, which, within the present age, have taken place in Great Britain. Whatever the case in less fortunate climes, we, in this island race, may boast of our superiority to those illiberal prejudices, which not only cramp the genius, but sour the temper of man, and disturb all the agreeable intercourse of society. Among us, learning is not only confined within the schools of the philosophers, or the courts of the great, but, like all the greatest advantages which heaven has bestowed upon mankind, it is become as universal as it is useful. In other countries, the great body of the people possess little wealth, have little power, and consequently meet with little respect. In Great Britain the people are opulent, have great influence, and claim, of course, a proper share of attention. It is to this learning that the generality of our countrymen owe that superior improvement, which distinguishes them from the lower ranks of men in all other countries.


  • WildHorses

    The Bristish are have a great sense of humor.(I loved the Benny Hill show) I love their accents too. All and all though, I think people of all countries have good and bad about them. I choose to see the good.

  • Celtic

    Expatbrit, pray do hear me out, I beckon your inner wisdom to grace my mind that i may sort this sordid mess out.

    Pray tell me, this great and wondrous land of ours, why the trains don't run on time? Why the hospitals are in crisis? Why the transportation system is bursting at the seams? Why the urban environment has been designed for such opulent a nation as ours with homes not fit for dogs? Why is our education up the creek without a paddle? Why do we have so much red tape and beaurocracy? Why do we set out to tear down anyone wishing to attain to success? Why do we put out this image to the world that this is one hell of a great place to live when millions are still living in nigh abject poverty? Why such ridiculous and absurd laws? Why the strain on the British long suffering public?

    Fantastic place. Love it.

    Celtic Mark-Cornwall UK

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