The most romantic act ever done for you?

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  • Solace


    I love this thread! I hope more people post, this is even better than a Harlequine novel.

  • pr_capone

    This was something I did....

    My girl friend at the time (I had just given her a promise ring) was in Harlaxton, England on a school trip when our anniversary came by. I had to track down were she was, find the address and a phone #. I then proceded to call a flower shop in England, near Harlaxton who delivered a HUGE bouqet and chocolate on the day of our aniversary. I also wrote (I dont write much but it was damn good writing) a 2 part poem.

    She called me later that day bawling her eyes out and I felt like a king.

    LOL, we broke up 5 months later.


  • VeniceIT

    I could use a story!!!! *hint hint*

    Actually I think i'll have to go with yadirf's wooings hhahahahhah

    or slip hmmmmmmm ok slippy wins


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  • calamityjane

    Hmmmm. there are so many to mention. But here are a couple.

    This goes way back when xjw_b12 and I were dating, after a day at work I went out to my car to drive home. I found a note on my steering wheel to look in the glove compartment. In there was a love note and my favourite perfume from him.

    And there was one time we had gone to the waterfront in the evening to watch the freight ships in the harbour. (I know, freight ships, how beautiful are they, but in the water at night time with their lights on, is a beautiful sight, plus we have a beautiful backdrop, our Sleeping Giant peninsula across the lake) .Anyway back to the story ----- He pulled out a bottle of wine along with plastic wine glasses. That was so romantic. Needless to say we have done this many times since that, we have even done it in the recent years to reminisce the good times.

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