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  • Tameria2001

    I feel for you, for quite a few years my husband too also allowed other things to come first, and it made me a really cranky wife. He didn't have the excuse of forgetting, because he was the one who set the date, it is four days after his birthday. Eventually, I decided it was just too much work to get worked up over this one day, and decided just to forget about it myself. For some odd reason, once I stopped carrying about our anniversary, my husband took notice of this. He would bring it up from time to time, and I would make a comment like, "Oh it's that time again." or some other comment like I didn't care. I think it scared him, because every year on our wedding anniversary, he is the one who puts effort into it now.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    And first of all my dear Husband forgot again .... which is normal according to my Dear old Dad "It's a Man Thing "

    But to add insult to injury , I must wait till Friday to be taken out for Dinner , because low & behold my Jdub husband can't miss one bloody JW meeting !

    I understand your annoyance and frustration but then again, it's nearly 2019, part of me wonders why are you waiting to be taken out for dinner? I thought we were supposed to throw out those old rules and notions about women waiting around for men to call the shots. It's nice when it happens but who said anyone has to celebrate their anniversary anyway? Probably the same person who said a man is expected to purchase a woman a diamond ring that is twice his monthly salary.

    I know you're probably blowing off a little steam here. After all you do refer to your husband as "dear" but still, I wouldn't let this get to the point where celebrating your anniversary becomes an obligation rather than a happy occasion. Try not to take his forgetfulness too personally. If you and the kids make a fuss over your anniversary and do something special for him as well, he may strive to make a point of doing the same for you next year.

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