Just a Rant .......

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  • LOLS

    Hi Beautiful people ....

    So today is my Wedding Anniversary .......

    And first of all my dear Husband forgot again .... which is normal according to my Dear old Dad "It's a Man Thing "

    But to add insult to injury , I must wait till Friday to be taken out for Dinner , because low & behold my Jdub husband can't miss one bloody JW meeting ! Once again the Kids & I are put on the back burner , once again we are the after thought .....

    I thought if Anniversaries where the one thing you are allowed to celebrate in the Borg , then why not do it properly .....

    So I know this sounds petty , But I'll be spoiling myself & my 3 beautiful children with something special & my Jdub can go attend his meeting ......

    Okay Rant over .....

    Hope you all have a wonderful day

  • Xanthippe

    I'm so sorry, if it's a meeting night tonight he won't miss it because it's your anniversary, that is a JW thing. I don't think it's a man thing forgetting your wedding anniversary, my husband never forgot. I think you need to be very, very upset he forgot. Have a good time treating yourself and your children today.

  • Finkelstein

    Sadly this is the cult indoctrination at work .

    Hope you have an enjoyable anniversary anyways.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    God love & bless you & your children LOLS!

    Something tells me that if your husband doesn't behave like a good, appreciative & thoughtful husband...he'll soon learn the meaning of that old saying...

    'You don't appreciate what you've got til you lose it'!

  • zeb

    Next time he wants sex tell him you have a 'meeting' to go too. Tennis club, cameras, painting whatever P&C (PTA). see how he likes it.

    Our daughter paid for us to have a weekend away in a romantic motel, lots of country views, beautiful setting, with massage. We had only to arrange it. It got put off because she was 'so -busy'.

    When the big night came we settled to bed and she wanted to read first...??read..?

    • was it some thing passionate?,
    • a wt book?
    • No it was ....Treasure Island. she had brought it with her.

    As i heard the pages flip I realized i had nought to lose or gain so I turned off my light and went to sleep..Point scored. Breakfast was shit on the liver and strained conversation. The book was put away..

    From my heart I hope you had a good time with your kids out n about...

  • john.prestor

    LOLS, that doesn't sound petty at all. What a total dick: he forgot your anniversary and he's blowing you off for a meeting? Wow. Just wow.

  • zeb

    Xanthipe. spot on its a wt thing.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    It's about time you removed his privileges

  • atomant

    if l was you ld rent a hubby for the anniversary night take photos of the candle lit dinner with u2 kissing and place the glossy photos on his side of the bed.

  • smiddy3

    I think that is grounds for a divorce LOL

    Next time he wants sex tell him you have a 'meeting' to go too. Tennis club, cameras, painting whatever P&C (PTA). see how he likes it.

    I think that`s a great idea zeb

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