Okay, Someone "Enlighten" Me... Pleas...

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  • AGuest

    I ask you:

    Just what is it that Saddam Hussein has done/is alleged to have done... to warrant a war by the US upon his country, and the most certain result of mass murder of innocent men, women and children, as a result?

    Now, I also ask you: please be careful in your response, as all I want are FACTS, versus emotional vengefulness... and such facts that say THIS is what he has done so that the US is rightfully entitled to war against Iraq. To that end, then, I would also ask that you make sure your reply takes into account that the US itself has NOT done similar... or equal... anywhere else in the world... so as to warrant the same result on upon them.

    I await your response... and I truthfully bid you peace.

    SJ, a slave of Christ, who is still trying to understand the "thoughts"... of earthling man... though I serious doubt I will...

  • freedom96

    Saddam has poisoned his own people, starved them, used biological weapons on them, and more. He even killed his daughters husband because he disagreed with Saddam.

    Saddam has threatened us as well as other countries with weapons of mass destruction.

  • AGuest

    Okay, I'm leaving now... gonna go see a movie...( "How to Dump a Guy")... and will contemplate what the responses could possibly be while I'm away. Check back in with ya'll a little later, then...

    And the greatest of peace... truly... to you all!

    SJ, a "curious" slave of Christ

  • AGuest

    Okay, you didn't read the "rules", which were:

    make sure your reply takes into account that the US itself has NOT done similar... or equal... anywhere else in the world... so as to warrant the same result on upon them.

    for you've stated:

    Saddam has poisoned his own people

    Hmmmm... I'm a-thinkin' Agent Orange... Desert Storm... MTBE... Love Canal... and what's that new drug used against malaria?

    Starved them

    Let's see, now... how much are tickets to a NFL game these days... and how many folks are standing in soup lines and children are living in cars?

    used biological weapons on them

    Oh, come on! You think they only test Anthrax on rats in this country? Seriously!? Oh, that's right: the US does everything out in the open... there's no such thing as "classified" or "top secret"... sure, right...

    and more. He even killed his daughters husband because he disagreed with Saddam.

    Are you SURE? Are you sure he was killed simply because he 'disagreed'? Or did he perhaps 'sell' himself... and Iraqi intelligence... to the US? Think HARD before you answer this one... and think HARD about what the US' recommends as punishment for a traitor...

    Saddam has threatened us as well as other countries with weapons of mass destruction.

    I'm sorry... but are "we" not "threatening" him... as well as other countries? Did "we" just not recently "threaten" North Korea, who responded by saying, "Well, if you're feeling froggy... go ahead, leap; but we're ready for you?" Funny, though, that we backed off that one when "our" bluff was called, wasn't it?

    Nope. Sorry. You failed the test... as you didn't play by the rules. Try again.

    Oh, and peace to you!

    SJ... okay, on my own...

  • lauralisa

    Hello there Shelby - (it's been awhile ... here's a big hug hello)

    You are not alone here.... nor on your own. I also am staggered and unable to comprehend why the US is -as we speak - deploying weapons and personnel of mass distruction to "strategic areas", clearly hell-bent on war - as if we are not noticing ! It's not even open to discussion - justifying such actions by insinuating that there are 'informants' reports" suggesting .... whatever...

    I'd love to know what those reports suggest, and if it supports the loss of several thousand human lives, ensuing trauma to their familes, the loss of millions of square miles of geology, potential for nuclear fallout, not to mention the disruption of every routine on the entire globe for many months to come.

    I must clarify here though that I think it's just another work day, and not any type of prophetic event... George is leading the masses and they are just following. Gag moi.

    Hope you are well. lauralisa

  • kwijibo

    I have to put in my 2 cents worth on this one. We have been having these discussions in australia for some time becuse our prime minister has been backing the US 100 % since there was any mention of kicking saddams ass - without consenting the aussie people. This has caused quite a division here also.

    My thoughts are that the guy ( saddam ) is an absolute bastard and needs to be sorted out but the people shouldn't suffer because they are just keeping their heads down and have been for decades.

    Find the prick and hang him upside down by his nuts - i vote yes.

    Blow up half of iraq and the people while they are at it - i vote no.

    There you go an each way bet. (I think thats what you call it - i wouldn't know being a good christian child and all)


  • Navigator


    Who said we had to play by your rules? This is the guy who created an environmental disaster by torching all of the oil wells in Kuwait in the last conflect. What makes you think he would hesitate to drop a nuclear weapon on one of his neighbors, say like Israel? What makes you think he wouldn't turn over nuclear material or biological agents to Al Queda, or Hamas? He has already demonstrated his willingness to use weapons of mass destruction, even on his own people.

  • back2dafront


    there's always gonna be "what if's" - Israel's a big boy, let them handle their own threats. If they're worried Sadaam will nuke 'em, let THEM handle it.

    As far as Sadaam turning over nuclear material to terrorists, that is definitely a possibility and not to be looked at lightly. But I think N. Korea is more of a concern right now in that department, for they have a nuclear reactor up and running and are weeks away from having even more nukes than they already have. And they've clearly stated they'd attack us. Al Qaida is clearly organizing efforts to attack U.S. interests as well. So where's the threat from Sadaam that merits a full blown war?

    Where's the clear evidence Iraq is after the U.S.? That's all Aguest is asking. Where's Sadaams motive for attacking Israel or the U.S.? People are quick to point out his bad qualities, which...granted....are not worthy of being taken lightly, however at first mention of the U.S. mistakes and war crimes, we are quick to say "we learn from our mistakes." Well, do you think Sadaam has learned from his mistakes? He's the one that is still seeing the suffering of his people today due to the Gulf War. So who's the real madmen, Sadaam for killing his daughters husband or George Bush Sr. for purposely damaging the infrastructure of Iraq, thus killing thousands and thousands of people and increasing the risk of cancer by 5 times within the past decade? That's a war crime, why isn't the US held accountable for that?

    "Sadaam killed his daughters husband." Well John O'Neil of the FBI was heading up the hunt for Osama pre-9/11 before he came across presidential ties to the Taliban, and boom, he lost his job and was assigned to be head security at the WTC 2 weeks before 9/11. He died there trying to save other peoples lives. Coincidence? I also find it interesting when a democrats plane crashes weeks before elections. When he had the lead. So many ironic things happen that may purely be irony. Or they could be somebody playing dirty and covering it up.

    Point being, yeah Sadaams got dirt, no doubt. But if you're so naive to think the U.S. nose is so clean, then you need help.

    You can fire an employee for doing something you secretly do yourself, but is it just?

    Myself, like a lot of other Americans, don't like war but realize it is necessary sometimes. I never want to see a war that is not justified. Period. The bush administration has been trying to prove to the world that this war is justifiable, and they're not getting the majority support on this issue. That should tell you something right there. If the evidence was so clear, there wouldn't have to be any convincing of anyone.

    Now look what the UN has done. Wow. They've figured out a way to pursue disarmament without blowing up the whole country. Now that is how you handle a situation like this. You can't say you want to liberate the Iraqi people and then blow them all up in the process and then say "oh...that's the unfortunate part about war." B.S. The whole thing has been b.s. and I'm glad the UN is stepping up to the plate and taking care of this situation without jeopardizing the life of innocent civilians. Hopefully this will all work out.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the hundreds of little kids dying from cancer in Iraq, and the hospitals aren't allowed to recieve cancer medicine because of US SANCTIONS so they're in there suffering to death.

  • seven006


    How ya doing you little vixen? This whole thing is so simple and religion, culture, human rights violations along with power hungry dictators are just a smoke screen to hide the real issue. The issue is "oil and money." HE who controls the oil, controls the world. One of the main reasons Germany did not win world war II is they simply ran out of gas. The only reason they attracted Russia was to get to the oil fields in the oil rich orient.

    We can have all the greatest tanks, fighter planes, and bombers in the world but if we don't have the fuel to make them go they are just billion dollar pieces of high tech sculpture.

    If Saddam had the power to control the most oil rich region in the world, the middle east, he would have the whole world at his feet. He knows that and so does the rest of the world. He did not attack Kuwait for the fun of it or any religious or territorial dispute, he did it not only because of their oil fields but the easy accesses sea ports that they ship billions of gallons of oil all over the world. The oil drilling rigs, refineries, ship yards and alike were all built by America as well as several other western nations. The middle east has gotten rich because of the oil under their feet and the billions of dollars other countries have spent to get that oil out of the ground and into their automobiles.

    Here in America we have a huge oil resources in Alaska. We do not tap into the majority of it because we do not want to mess up the pristine wilderness. So, we get our oil, just like everyone else from the middle east.

    We would not need to be the biggest glutton of oil in the world if the powers to be would allow the those who have invented devices that can increase gas mileage twenty times it's average now to produce their products. It's a little odd that we have the technology to make stealth bombers and a space station floating around our planet but we can't seem to figure out how to make a car that travels on an alternative fuel that will take away our dependency on oil. If we do not have fuel to run our main sources of transportation than ours as well as everyone else's countries come to a stop and we eventually will all die. We are absolutely and completely dependent on oil to exist.

    The truth is, we have the technology to make alternative fuel engines and devices to run our transpiration but, it just isn't allowed to be produced. It would put the oil companies who are mostly in Texas out of business. Now, where was it that our president is from?


  • logical

    I feel compassion for Saddam and the Iraqi people. He is being made to pay for his past sins all over again by a majorly oppressive group of BULLIES for oil. As you say, mass murder will be committed by the west for money, and oil.

    I feel contempt (JAH forgive me, I just get so angry), for Bush and Blair. Watching them on TV, lying and spreading propaganda, IGNORING the people's views that THIS WAR IS HYPOCRITICAL AND WRONG. They are going to kill an unknown amount of people for what? A bit more money? Better economy? It is wrong.

    I have this gut feeling that Bush is totally in the wrong and his course of action is the worst possible one.

    The case they put against Saddam is nothing. What Saddam has done, in comparison is nothing. Saddam is not allowed nukes or chemical or bio weapons. The West not only have them, but use them.

    Thankfully many other nations are now starting to stand up to Bush and his bullshit, and give Iraq a chance through the proper UN channels. The more countries that quit letting Bush get his way, the less chance he will be able to get away with what he is planning.

    However I fear that this will escalate beyond all my worst fears. Bush is the real nutter on the world scene, not Hussein, and if North Korea really do go ahead with their pre-emptive strike (and who can blame them, they are looking out for their own interests against a bully nation), well the rest doesnt need spelling out does it?

    I hope that Bush (and Blair) comes to realise his errors and turns from his present course of action. I hope so for the sake of the millions of innocent who will suffer at his hands otherwise. He is comparable to Hitler IMO.

    There is one very appropriate modern proverb that Bush should remember: what goes around comes around. Cos it most certainly does.

    Why do the innocent have to suffer?

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