Michael asking about Tatiana

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  • Elsewhere

    I just received a visit from Michael... he was going door-to-door offering photocopies of old Watchtowers (because the Kingdom Hall won't give him any new ones).

    He said that he was wondering if Tatiana doesn't like him because of her post asking people not to post about him.

    Tatiana, I think you made him very sad... he said he cried when he saw your post.

  • BeautifulGarbage

    Tito! Get me a tissue!

  • ThiChi

    Nothing that a little "bed sharing" wont cure!

  • Swan

    I just called up my good friend Michael and he said you got it all wrong Elsewhere. He was crying because you keep changing your avatar. He liked the little baby. He wanted me to ask you to change it back, but to also put a towel over its head.


  • Tatiana

    [email protected] Beautiful

    Elsewhere, see what happens when you say "no more posts?", on this board!!!! LOL

    As for my opinion, I love Michael Jackson. I always have. I think he's a brilliant songwriter. I don't believe he molested anyone. He loves people and gives so much. I think he had an awful childhood, much like some of us here, only with the added burden of too much money. With eyes on him constantly, (he couldn't even go in field service without a disguise), it would be hard to live "normally". And who of us can even say what "normal" really is.

    I hope he finds the happiness he so obviously is looking for. I hope we all do......


    Man in the Mirror?

    Take a look at yourself, and make a change......

  • Brummie

    lol @ you lot, you are a scream!

    Titania I am with you on the MJ thing, I think he's a legend a weird one but none the less his song writing, singing, and entertainment are first class and have entertained many for countless hours.

    The lyrics to Man in the mirror are great, ...Off the wall, I still play it today...I also keep playing "break of dawn" of the new one.


  • Elsewhere

    Tatiana, around here saying "no new posts" has the same effect as a Bush saying "no new taxes"

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex


    Supposedly there is a line in "Man in the Mirror" that refers to his JW experience. It goes:

    I've been a victim of
    A selfish kind of love
    It's time that I realize

    Twenty years ago MJ was relevent. Not anymore. He's not only creepy but weird in a freak show kind of way. It's really too bad. I thought he was a pretty good looking guy during Off the Wall and Thriller; now he looks like a mannequin that's been broken and put back together.

  • Tatiana

    [email protected]!

    Brummie...some of his songs still make me cry.

  • Brummie
    now he looks like a mannequin that's been broken and put back together

    BWahahahaahah tis very true roflmao

    I think a lot of his songs contain disguised lyrics that are connected to his JWism.

    His song "Jam" is full of them as are others."


    I Have To Find My Peace Cuz
    No One Seems To Let Me Be
    False Prophets Cry Of Doom
    What Are The Possibilities ...

    I Just Want You To
    Recognize Me
    In The Temple
    You Can't Hurt Me
    I Found Peace
    Within Myself

    England has gone crazy over the interview, even today its been all over the news and yesterday it was on every channel telling us how America is waiting for the showing of this program. Maybe with all eyes on him he is still relevant but not in the way he used to be.


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