How Can You Easily Show That JW's Are Wrong?

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  • TR
    .How would you help a Jehovah's Witness see the light?

    Bitch slap the hell outta them. They should at least see some stars.


  • jazbug
    jazbug have such a way with words

  • minimus

    Swan, You are welcome! Doubts is what it's all about! If you try to bombard the average Witness with a thesis of undeniable facts, you will usually lose the Witness. And even if you showed that SOME Witnesses abused children, the typical JW could not jump on the child abuse bandwagon because they cannot relate to what others have gone through. However, if you can RELATE to a person on a very personal level, the opening is there. For example, if a Witness recieved unusually harsh counsel from elders and realized that they had no real friends, it might be easier to persuade that person that this is not really a loving organization. Then, of course, it's easier to delve into other issues because the person is now conditioned to look at things from a more critical eye. So I believe that there really is no easy way to show that the Witnesses are wrong......It takes time, luck, and good circumstances.

  • Swan

    Maybe that would be a good thread for tomorrow Minimus. "What made you doubt when you were a JW?" I don't ever remember a question like this, but I do remember one recently about doubting the Bible.

    Things that made me doubt JWs.

    • Apostates at assemblies (they didn't look all that evil ; they were actually more cordial than the attendants watching to make sure we didn't talk to them)
    • People walking away (DA as opposed to DF, since DF people are evildoers, but DA are harder for JWs to understand )
    • In this same vein, Ray Franz (why would he just leave? The GB has the holy spirit?)
    • Hidden pictures of demons, etc, in WTBTS publications (How could Jehovah allow that?)
    • Weird Science (not the movie; things like artificial hearts, vaccinations now okay, creation conflicts with geological evidence)
    • 1975 (not the fact that the big A didn't come, but the fact that the WTBTS denied saying it was significant)
    • caffeine ok, nicotine not ok
    • Rampant depression among "the happiest people on earth"
    • Bethelites returning to visit weren't very happy
    • No financial help for retired CO's and DO's

    I found these to be very puzzling


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