How Can You Easily Show That JW's Are Wrong?

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  • minimus

    It seems that it's very difficult to convince the average Witness that their beliefs are incorrect.Nearly all will not admit or simply cannot see the error of their ways.How would you help a Jehovah's Witness see the light?

  • heathen

    By opening my bible .

  • archangel01

    Pose a small test of some sort.To see if what people say is true.Like go to a different hall and say your a higher up and see how you get mobed. Then go to another hall and say your inactive or what ever and you will see the love fade. I can think of so many things people just use your brain.

    Use this script Acts 17:11 latter part.....Carefully examining the scriptures daily as to whether these things were so (or true).

    That script is for everyone not for or just the GB, besides the word Governing body is not even in the scriptures it a legal term.

    The WTS saids or trys to parallel with the ancient world an makes it out like if the WTS arrangement of today has always been that way since times of old......NOT TRUE the WTS or JW's religion didn't come about until 1935 or something. Beside jesus didn't have anything to do with the religions of his day!!!!!!!!!

  • AGuest

    Peace to you, dear Minimus!

    First, I would offer them peace...

    Then, I would show them (because they can only put faith in that which they can SEE, although they've been admonished and continually read the words that say "keep your mind on the things UNSEEN"...):

    John 8:32... and ask them what it was that the Christ said would set them free...

    Then, I would show them:

    John 14:6... and ask them who Christ said was "the truth"...

    Then, I would show them:

    John 8:36... and ask them by what means would they be set free...

    Then, I would show them:

    John 10:7 and 8... and ask them who "all others" was referring to...

    Then, I would show them:

    Matthew 23:2, 3 and 10... and ask them who Christ said to call their "leader"...

    Then, I would show them:

    Psalm 146:3... and ask them why do they ignore this counsel and keep putting their trust in earthling man... when, according to Matthew 23:10... they are to have but ONE Leader...

    And then I would show them Ephesians 4:4... and ask them when did the number of hopes change... from one... to two... and who changed it...

    And then... I would show them Revelation 22:17 where it says that the Spirit and the Bride KEEP saying "Come!"... and ask them when, according to the Revelation did that KEEP SAYING end... and who ended it...

    And when they reply, "Yes, folks are still being invited to come, but to come to 'Jehovah's organization,'" I would show them Matthew 11:28 and John 7:37, 38... and ask them who CHRIST said we should "come to" and whether either of these verses mentioned "Jehovah's organization" as that which we should "come" to... and if not, why do they listen to those who say it is, in light of what is stated at Matthew 24:24?

    And then... I would show them John 6:48-56, and have them re-read and pay special attention to the words of verses 51-53, and ask them who my Lord meant by the words "anyone"... and how it could be that they hope "live forever", yes, to be "resurrected" without obeying this "command"... and...

    In light of Matthew 24:24, why do THEY think that certain men might have dedicated their lives to convincing them that they should NOT obey this command?

    And then, I would offer them my peace, and my love... and let "whether they hear... or they refrain"... be between them... and my Lord.

    But, then, who am I... but nothing more than a good-for-nothing slave of Christ,


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  • happy man
    happy man

    It is only one problem widh what you say, my brither, how have peopel how belive like you akt, when it comesto be brothers, have they akt like Abel, or like KAin, I think the answer is a dissaster , How was killing ech other inwordwar 1 and 2, and in former Juogoslavia, and on Nothern Ireland, and in Ruanda, and perhaps soon in Irak, how many US men how are so calld christians and say they love Christ put down bombs on women and children iin irak, andkill them , thats a qestion I thionk you must face my brother. I think we have a very bigg diffrence from what peopel say and how they ackt, when it comes to them how say they love christ so much, never forget his world, putt down the svord, and dont bee like Kain how killd hes brother, qestion is how is the fals prhofet, thets upp to peopel to decie, my wuie is clear.

    widh love from HM,

    hoping your eyes will open fore the fackt you not want to see.

  • david_10

    Minimus. Good question. The answer is: It's very easy and it wouldn't take long at all. I have worked out a presentation in my head that incorporates some of the Society's own words and publications (what they said and when they said it), some irrefutable historical facts and some evidence about the Society's own heavy-handedness and utter lack of Christianity and human compassion. The presentation is very succinct and to-the-point. And the "Truth" falls apart. It takes about 30 minutes. But do I think that I'll ever get a faithful witness to open his mind and listen? For even 30 measly minutes? No way. The wall goes up and you just cannot break through it. It doesn't matter how good your facts are. And I think you could even be doing more harm than good because you just feed their persecution complex and drive them deeper inside. Every witness has to come that point in his own life where he will acknowledge that something is not right and, in fact, that something is very wrong and will finally open the door a crack and begin to consider opposing views. Being in the throes of Watchtower addiction is not much different than any other addiction: the victim himself has to take the first step and want to get help. That's the way it was in my case-------and even then, it took years to break through. And I think that that's the way it is for all witnesses : They have to figure it out on their own, and they have to want help. Until they reach that point, all outside forces will be counterproductive.


  • Dia

    I would ask them, are you aware that JWs have a very high incidence of both suicide and homicide?

    Are you aware that they have the lowest education level of ANY faith?

    Are you aware that JWs have a very high rate of mental illness?

    Then I would let them know that most JWs have no idea that this is so and I would encourage them to look fearlessly at their own religion.

    I think for people wrapped up in 'image', this might strike a chord.

  • Utopian_Raindrops

    Happy Man,

    As always you are dear and sweet. You love your neighbor as yourself.

    If all Christians in every religion including the Jehovah Witness Religion were like you the world would be free of problems and Armageddon would become unnecessary.

    Still Happy Man, yes many people died in the wars you pointed out at the hands of Christians but there are many ways to murder people. There are many ways to kill.

    Look closely at the religion we have held so dear to our hearts Happy Man. Have they not killed people?

    Lets start with all who believed The Watch Tower when they said Vaccinations were against God. There were epidemics of diseases in The U.S.A. back then. Many men, women, and children died. When vaccinations came along it saved the lives of anyone who would take them. What happened to those who believed the Watchtower Bible And Tract Society? I look at my children and wonder how parents who believed The Watch Towers advice was from God felt when they suffered the consequences of not allowing their children to be inoculated.

    Fast Forward in Watchtower History to Organ Transplants. The Watch Tower said Organ Transplants fell under cannibalism. Therefore a true Christian would not receive and organ transplant they would rather die faithful to God. So people did not take The Transplants and died believing it was Gods will. Time goes on and The Watch Tower gets New Light!! A true Christian may now have a transplant and not offend God!!

    If it is ok now to receive transplants Happy Man it was all right back when people died not accepting them in the name of God!

    Sad thing is if anyone thought it was ok and The Watch Tower was wrong they would have been disfellowshipped for saving their own lives! Can you imagine?

    Now today we have the Blood Issue. It would seem to take Blood is bad and yet now a True Christian can even take Hemopure made from Cows Blood! I ask you? Where do these blood fractions come from? They come from blood that in the past the Watch Tower Bible And Tract Society said must be poured on the ground.

    If you do your research you will find there are fractions that were once banned to Jehovah Witness Hemophiliacs. In the past JW Hemophiliacs had to die in Jehovah Gods Name. Thing is if it is ok now then it was ok back when they were dieing for Watch Tower Rules.

    Do you understand this? What I am saying to you?

    You are a good person who I would not want to misunderstand what I have to say.

    Do you know that there are people who were Wrongly disfellowshipped who kill themselves? They were so down and in need of help and their congregations threw them out.

    Who is responsible for this?

    I personally know 3 girls who were sexually abused by brothers and the elders helped the pedophiles and not the girls.

    One of these girls I know tried to kill herself 2 times last year. Some do kill themselves who were abused and the elders and the Watch Tower Society knew about their abuse and did not help them. Who is responsible for their blood?

    I know of single mothers who have done nothing wrong except that they are in need. They are treated unkindly and not helped in their Kingdom Halls. The Watch Tower Society has billions of dollars and not one program to help their needy. The Watch Tower Society knows they exist and are in need. They do nothing. When one of these mothers depressed and unable to move on kills herself as my girlfriend who is still in The Truth triedwhos hands are their blood on?

    You are a kind man and a good neighbor. You are too sweet to imagine what The Watch Tower has done.

    In my heart Happy man I wish the Governing Body were men like you because if they were many many people would still be living and no child would have gone without help.

    Thank-you for listening Happy Man. I hope you have understood what I have written here.

    Christian Love,


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  • seedy3


    You so often hear about clults like the Jim Jones cult, the Wako incendent, a few others that have a mass suicide that hits the news, But what about the JW's? In the receient past I know many many JW's have fallen victum to this cult, with their ban on blood, transplants and vaccines, many have died being faithful to "God". this is not counting the many that have commited individual suicide as you have mentioned, and I find it terrible. It's like travel, you hear about the massive plane crashes, the train crashes that kill a few hundred people at the most in one incident, yet Cars kill more people every year then all of those combined, and yet it seldom hits the news. The JW's kill one at a time, like the cars, the Jim Jones's of the world do it in mass settings, so the world knows not of the JW's murders and sucides, they just know of the masses.

    They are a very discusting organisation, I only hope that some day they (the r/f) will start thinking for themselves.


  • minimus

    "Being in the throes of Watchtower addiction".....Great expression!!! Happyman, What exactly do you think is right with JW's? That they don't go to war? Please explain or have someone translate for me....Thanks.

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