Special Talk in April

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  • NameWithheld
    I agree. My reaction has always been, "What is so special about this talk?" They were never worth the hype.

    Ditto. I can't remember how many times I though "Uh, so where's the 'special' in this 'special' talk?" I don't recall ever hearing anything 'new' or earth shattering at one of these.

  • Banshee

    The only Special Assembly Day/ Special Talk that stands out in my mind was one that my family attended when I was 11 or 12 years old. It was in Wichita, Kansas and the reason I remember it is because all of the JWs were in a tizzy and warning us about the "apostates" who were outside, trying to talk to the JWs and give us pamphlets.

    I remember one "apostate" man trying to talk to my dad as we were crossing the street and I remember asking my dad why we could not listen to them and why were the JWs so afraid of them. It struck me as unfair that we went about witnessing to people and wanted people to stop and listen to us but that the JWs would not listen to these "apostates" who felt that their message to us was just as important. I figured that if we really had the truth, there was nothing to fear in listening to those people or reading their pamphlets. Now that I know the JWs did not and do not have the truth, I can see why they were and are so afraid of "apostates" (people who tell the truth about the Troof). That guy planted a seed of doubt in me way back then and, most likely, did not even realize it!

    So, that was my most outstanding Special Assembly Day. The rest of them were just the usual, boring and repetitive stuff and I do not remember too much about them.


  • Mac


    You are indeed correct.

    mac, of the believed in the special nap class

  • johnny_was_good

    I also don't know what so special about the special talk. It is just a new outline, most of the time it's a boring talk, because the brother only received it 2 or 3 months before the talk is due.

    BTW this years is on April 27. The title has something to do with Babylon the Great. Full title in the Feb 2003 KM, sorry no English scans.


    The "Special Talks" are never special.."Special Talks" are just another WBTS con to boost attendence. Maybe even peddle a new book,with the same old crap in a brand new box,tied with a pretty ribbon...OUTLAW

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