the purpose of generation explanation

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  • poopie

    Ok here is my 2 cents they are getting complaints concerning the drum beat that goes we are in the last hour of last min bla bla bla and people are tired and want system to end so if the system is ended sooon then why are there new partakers assuming that most have the actually calling. So now we have a problem how do we fix it? Simple just say those new annointed are not part of this generation so now if we appoint younger guys to gb not to worry there not a part of this generation. This of course is a moot point because the gt will not start untl that 3rd generation is sealed in finality so it really does not matter.

  • steve2
    You get a convoluted mess when you try to fit scriptures to your beliefs.
  • truthlover

    That's how they came up with the last explanation

  • hoser

    They are an end times religion that ran out of time. When 80 years from 1914 came and went and still no great tribulation the numbers didn't add up anymore.

    Instead of fessing up and dumping 1914 they had to make up some bullshit cover story about the generation.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    could also be a way to justify the increase of partakers over the last decade or so
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    yeah, I agree that time is now the BORG's worst enemy. 1994 when after 80 years passed since 1914,they had to come up with something, fast. well, they did in the 1995 Awake when they changed that statement about the generation. They are doing it again with multiple generation(s), buying time.
  • garyneal
    Yeah, my guess is that they are buying time for the older ones to pass away. The younger ones don't really care about 1914 anymore. I could be wrong because it seems like they are still talking about that date but I think once the older ones who attach a lot of significance to that date pass away then the date will be quietly scrapped.
  • prologos

    The date 1914 is the only prediction that panned out for WT. The date was significant, but their prediction of events was wrong,

    so now we have 1914, I992 possibly 2076* ! only dates, with only 1914 loosely, lyingly hinged to reality.

    David Splane looked worried !!!, guess why? why another generation explanation? repetition for emphasis, aka propaganda.

    * if another latter-day Franz at age 16 met Freddy F in 1992, that new partaker's life expectancy would have him die, and raptured in 2076, and even then Paradise would not start, because the ALL things must include Armageddon.

  • smiddy

    If Jehovah`s witnesses were in fact true Bible students , they would know with certainty that the Bible confirms in it`s many scriptures that a generation is approximately 50 years in length , attested to in both the Hebrew and Greek scriptures .

    But obviously they are not Bible students , they are students of the Watchtower publications only.


  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Prologos mentioned that they got 1914 right... sorry friend but no they did not! They got it entirely wrong. It was to be the first year of world peace! Nobody could get it more wrong. Russell was gravely disappointed at the failure in 1914 to realise his own prediction baby of the end of human rule on earth and the establishment of God’s government worldwide. Watchtower revisionist history of course sees it differently. The WTBTS have never got anything right and never made a correct prediction. They have never said anything useful apart from directing money to their own bank.

    The doctrines they guard, which are often confusing and contradictory such as the generation thing, are just to shift the focus of the flock away from thinking about the glaring lack of divine approval they demonstrate. This is what doctrines are for.

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