Do You Feel Better Since You Stopped Meetings?

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  • Blueblades

    YES! I enjoy the watchtower study conductor on line now. You know " BLONDIE !!!" BLONDIE your my kind of conductor, keep them coming, I may not respond ,but, I'm following your WT. Study post of things you won't hear about in this sunday's

    Then there is D'MOUSE and STEPHANUS with the QFR's and THE K.M'S. Good job guys,thanks.

    Then there is MAC'HISLOP sorry if I misspelled it.Thanks for your articles.

    Then there is JH,MINIMUS, and all the others too many to post here. Thanks everyone.

    Do I feel better,much much better. Blueblades

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  • Carmel

    Actually, I go to one or more meetings every day. Start the day off with the staff, usually have phone conference in AM. Today was as usual with chamber luncheon meeting then technical staff after lunch and then meeting with telemetry vendor most of afternoon. Tomorrow all -day meeting on fish management of lower columbia, then hopefully will meet up with Onacruise before heading home.

    I don't know what I'd do w/o meetings!!


  • Ravyn

    within two yrs of my leaving the JWs my lupus went into remission, I got out of the wheel chair and I lost 100 pounds. they developed a fantastic new drug with few side effects for the narcolepsy, I found a wonderful man, married him and we are living normally ever after.


  • Mac



  • truthseekers2

    I cannot begin to tell you how much my anxiety level has gone down since we've stopped!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wolfgirl

    The stress and the guilt I felt when I was still going were really dragging me down. Like so many others have already mentioned, I felt like a huge weight was lifted off me when I stopped. I feel loads better physically and emotionally now.

  • ugg

    slow process,,,but,,,yes,,,i am getting and feeling better....

  • obiwan

    I personally feel that to go to a public place and worship god it should be a happy and stress free enviroment, not stuffy and cold and always feeling like your not measuring up.


  • pr_capone

    I without a doubt feel MUCH better now that I no longer go to meetings. I feel free to be myself (once I find out who THAT is). I am not chained to going to 5 meetings a week plus service.

    Words can hardly express the relief I have felt since I left.


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