Do You Feel Better Since You Stopped Meetings?

by minimus 37 Replies latest jw friends


    Hi Minimus. It has been a long time since I was at any meeting. Almost 19 years ago.

    At first, I was having struggles about not attending; vicious circle it became.

    Even when I was very active within the religion, I would be occasionally depressed, unfulfilled, sad and desolate. But, I figured 'it was my problem'.

    Today, I can't imagine me ever stepping foot into a Kingdom Hall. I think for me to go, would be ridiculous, if not laughable.

    I am happier today, without the meetings, the organization and all that is attached to it.

    The friends I have today, are solid, long lasting, loyal and always there for me. I feel, today, FANTASTIC !

  • minimus

    See.... If anyone thinks to themselves, "I'm afraid that if I stop going to meetings, I'll feel guilty".....No you won't. You'll feel relief! There's nothing better than enjoying a Sunday morning at home with your family. There's no feeling like the one that says "I don't HAVE to go to the meeting. I think I'm going to go out on the town tonight".....Life is good and it's short.

  • Pleasuredome

    i feel much better for not going to meetings. i feel i'm much more reliant on God now, and that i'm living my life as a christian because i really want to and not because i feel pressured to do so. im enjoying freedom in Christ for a change.

  • Sadie5

    Yes, I battled depression and low self esteem on a daily basis. Physically, the sitting for such long periods of time made me ache, assemblies were real killers.

    We also have less colds, flu, and viruses as a family since quitting. Seemed like nobody had brains enough to stay home when they were coughing, sneezing, running fevers or keep their sick kids home either. This always irritated me. Out of concern for others, we would stay home if sick, and it would take a couple of weeks or more for the illness to move through our family.


  • Pleasuredome

    i know what you mean sadie, everytime i went to the circuit assembley i would always come home with a cold! so i stopped going to them in the end.

  • VeniceIT

    OHhhh ya babay!!!! I feel soo much better, although now I have to look for alternate sources of sleep and I dont' have to get all dressed up all the time uggghhhh


  • cruzanheart

    I feel GREAT since I left! Less stress, less anger, less guilt. Ahhh, freedom!


  • freedom96

    It is so refreshing not having to go to the meetings. I personally never had anxiety attacks related to going to the meetings, but know several that have. Once they stopped going, the attacks went away. Their body was telling them that they just could not keep doing it.

  • spike

    Yes and No. We stopped going about 2 years back but with the talk about inactive publishers being called on , we went back. Our beliefs are different and it does not matter to anyone. We just go to Sunday meetings though. My son has backed off from getting us d'fed and it is quiet. When the pressure is off we will fade again. My sons are our family and we are waiting for their exodus.

  • Gig

    It's a proven fact that people who change their natural, normal, God given since birth personality type experience many "side effects"...many of which have already been described above. We can change our thoughts and behavior, and should as we grow and mature, but it's literally unhealthy to change yourself at the core. God can do that for you but that's by his love. The WTS does it by fear and guilt and leaves witnesses feeling totally inadequate - even as they preach that they are the happiest most secure people on the planet.

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