Dark Comfort

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  • Ravyn

    Dark Comfort

    Warm and rich like black rum

    the blood pulsed thru her veins

    yet never blushed her pale skin

    to touch her was to burn your fingers

    with raw heat like silk

    her flesh barely containing it

    her eyes showing the deep

    ruby flames burning within

    Infritah, elemental, primordial

    soft, delicious, comforting

    like the grave to a weary soul traveller

    who cannot rest his chilled

    limbs without first tasting

    her heat like that sweet rum...

    intoxicating, coursing thru his veins

    to share depths of warmth

    like swimming in a hot spring

    layers of amber, glowing red, topaz

    lapping with promise of more

    floating, his head in her lap

    the musky smell of burning

    desire he turns his face

    into her warmest place

    eager to return to where

    he came from so so long ago

    but in a different way

    craving her comfort to surround

    his hard and painful reality

    but wanting to thrust until

    it hurt her as much

    as it hurt him

    tasting the salt of his own sweat

    and her tears

    but she smiles!

    ah the coppery taste of her!

    to take delight in her comfort

    for just a moment

    and then explode

    in the ecstasy of being spent

    laying on her like a damp shadow

    distant throbbing now subsiding

    she encircles him in arms

    of pure and welcome death.

    Ravyn Giuliani

  • xenawarrior

    Another great one Ravyn !!!!!


  • SheilaM


    Very nice, powerful choice of words

  • Ravyn

    thanks xena and sheila! I have a book planned that will allow me to include my poetry, but it is in a sort of 'almanac' format, basically dealing with finding the magickal and erotic in everyday life---recipes, songs, travel suggestions, short stories, myths, decorating hints, a collection of 'adult' goodies.


  • Mac


    Add me to your fan list and don't forget my autographed copy of the book......k?


  • Robdar

    Interesting poem, Ravyn. Arousing is a good word to describe it, I think. I like your ideas about seeing the erotic and magickal in everyday life. I try to express that with my poetry too. Let me know when the book is completed. I would be interested in purchasing a copy.

    Keep 'em coming.

    Love ya,


  • Solace


  • heathen

    eh , Ravyn I don't mean to be rude here but please explain what you mean in that last line about death . appreciate it . Other than that it sounded like a love sonnet of some kind .

  • Ravyn

    heathen sex has been compared to death. it is an allusion to a vampyric sexual experience.


  • heathen

    I would have never guessed you were talking about vampires . I thought vampires became the undead , or is it they are considered dead by the living only to come back as the undead? Not real up on the vampire cult thing .BTW what is your favorite vampire movie ? I kinda thought Brahm Stoker made a good one .

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