Things to do when they come knocking

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  • nojw86

    When they come a can hold the cross up, ......or a smurf, ya know they have been known to shred wt lit. to pieces. nojw

  • Skimmer

    I found my copy of _Studies in the Scriptures_ (Vol. 1, "The Divine Plan of the Ages", complete with the Egyptian flying goober on the front) and the little blue pyramid fold-out is still there and in good shape after over hundred years (Copyright 1886, The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, Brooklyn, NY). It's ready for the next knocker.

    I also have some print-outs ready on the 1975 cover-up and the Big List (about a hundred pages) of failed WTBTS prophecies; bot are backed up by plenty of WTBTS verbatim references.

    Now should I spring any of these on the uninvited callers right away, or should I first let them have a chance to give their complete sales pitch? I'd really like to get a copy of the latest WTBTS reference CD-ROM although I doubt if these are usually carried around in the field service. Would their love of placing paid literature be enough to keep them from running in fear from "old light"?

  • Liberated

    Wow, Comf!!

    Now that is a field service experience worth sharing!

  • Abaddon

    I've always been torn between;

    A) A careful, considered discussion, not triggering any cult flight reflex, but planting nice ticky ticky mind bombs, and asking to be called on again so I could continue the work.

    B) Inviting them in, skinning up a joint, and having my (naked) girlfriend serve them tea, whilst doing the above.

    C) If it was a nice fresh virgin pioneer sister, seducing her (with or without my girlfriend being there).

    B and C are possible, but I think I'd probably go for A.

    I once called on a apartment block, and was doing the speaker 'phones.

    This woman answered and I introduced myself. She said "What do you look like"?

    I resisted the temptation to say 6'2" blond blue eyes and said 5'7", brown hair, brown eyes (I was only 14).

    She asked "Do you wear glasses", to which I replied "No, but I wear contact lenses". At this she said "You're not the one I want", and put the phone down.

    I still wonder what she wanted and for what.

    I also remember this woman answering the door or rather talking through the door... it was all glass but that obscure glass... either she had pink pygamas with a brown puch or she was naked.

    Again, I was about 14.

    After that field service went downhill.

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