Things to do when they come knocking

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  • HesterPryne

    Hello everyone

    It is against my nature to be unkind to anyone.I'm sure most of us have thought about what we will do if they come calling. Maybe we would never really do anything but it can be humorous thinking of different scenarios.

    If JW's came to my door I would like to have a heart to heart talk with them about the emotional side of being JW,and about family matters.I would really like to have some youthful publishers come to my will never happen. I'm sure I am on the DO NOT CALL list or the SEND ELDER ONLY list.

    What I would like to do is print off some of the info I've found on the web and put flyers on all the cars in the KH parking lot..I've actually considered doing this. I doubt anyone would see me....there are no windows in the new KH.By the way, does anyone know why they don't have windows?

    An ex I met on the internet told me he has a old work glove that he stuffed, sewed all the fingers down except the middle one, put a circle and slash (like the no smoking sign) with NO JW's written inside it. He mounted it on a stick and he keeps it by the door for when they come calling. I don't think he's used it yet.


  • patio34

    Hi Hester!

    Love your name Hester Pryne--from Scarlet Letter?

    I would agree with Skimmer in the item referring to 1914, 1918, 1925, 1975; but 1879 and 1995 (for chaning the generation) to the list.

    I don't feel sorry for jws at my door, but not resentful either. But it would be appropriate IMO to reason with them about these dates a bit, as many probably aren't on that wave length.

    Oh! The reason kingdom halls don't have windows, or so I was told, is that the insurance on them is cheaper. Less damage can be done to the buildings.

    "Id rather live with questions I can't answer than with questions I can't ask (or answers I can't question).


  • HesterPryne


    That sounds like a logical explanation for the lack of windows in the KH. Several people have ask me why they don't have windows....I think people believe JW's are doing something weird that they are afraid outsiders will see.

    Yes...Scarlet Letter...currently I am looking for unique A's to

  • RR

    Well, I have never been visited in the ten years I have been out, although I have met them on the street, struck up a conversation and then they invite themselves over.

    They get frustrated when I agree with all their basic teachings, and they can't figure it out. Even when I tell them I'm a Bible Student, most don't know what I'm talking about! So I get the "Proclaimers" book, turn to page 151 and show them the paragraph which mentions us, then they say "ohhhhh!" and Run like hell!

    Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, it's not God's fault!

  • HesterPryne

    I have been away from the trooth for 34 years. I quit attending when I was 14. They came to my door in the late 70's. I didn't answer the door. My next call was from the elders telling me I had to come back, have a study ...or be df'd.(1981) It was a real emotional visit. One elder cried when I told them I wasn't interested. My family became JW when I was 3, so this man knew me real well and really put a heavy guilt trip on me...or tried to.

    I've been glad not to see them at my door. I live in a very small town and know them all....even there cars. I know when they are working my territory....but they don't visit me...sob...sob

    Do JW's have a rule that prohibits them from calling on da'd and df'd people?
    Even though I have had to deal with JW issues for all of my life I don't really know much about them . I quit paying attention at meetings when I was about has been a subject my parents and I pretty much avoided after I left home.

  • RR

    Actually, just before I left, the Society introduced a new rule, that elders can visit DF'd ones.

    I've moved around so much, no one knows me in the territory I live in. I use a P.O. Box for any communicatons, I get contacted by mail everytime my subscriptions expire, and I always renew on my own, directly with the Society.

    A few years ago, one of the elders visited me, had been a JW most of his life, I brought up some issues I didn't accept, as we were talking about specfics I didn't agree with, and he told me that I was misinformed, that I must have gotten my data from false sources. I told him, that unless I read it wrong, the only sources I use are Watchtower publications, well, we debate back and forth and he would actually sit there and deny that they ever, either taught something or did such and such a thing.

    So, I kindly invited them [he and his wife] to my study, it is a large room that has wall to wall books, about 6,000 in all, mostly Watchtower and Watchtower related from the 1800s to the present], their eyes just bugged out and their jaws dropped, and I began to pull out a few books, showed them one and pointed to a page, "so you never taught this, eh?"

    Well, they had to all of a sudden leave, they had another contact to visit, I had to smile, since they left my house after 9 pm, what people do JW's contact AFTER 9 pm? lol

    Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, it's not God's fault!

  • COMF

    I was visiting my son at his house in Washington a couple of years ago, and I was up and about Saturday morning, but they were still asleep upstairs when the knock came on the door. I answered and two witness sisters were there, one looking to be about 36 and the other about 16. The morning was nice, warm enough for shorts and a short sleeve shirt (which is what I was wearing), with pleasant floral scents occasionally wafting on the breeze. As the 36 year old introduced herself and her companion, I sized up the situation and decided that standing outside in such nice weather, having a conversation with an attractive woman who, to judge by her mannerisms and speech, was feeling awkward and slightly embarrassed to be there, was okay by me. I stepped outside and closed the door. I would have invited them in, but the living room still contained the aftermath of a party, including stinky ash trays full of cigarette butts (my son, his wife and their friends smoked at that time; the wife has since quit) ...nah. It was nice outside.

    It must have been the older one's turn to make the presentation; she was the one doing the talking, and I was glad. At my age (I guess I was 43 at that time) sixteen doesn't have the appeal it had when I was 17. What looked so devourable then now looks like the green bud of a flower just beginning to open its petals outward. You can appreciate its fresh beauty and potential, but you don't want to pick it; what you want is the flower that is in its full-blown glory. Maturity has sex appeal that freshness cannot attain. You look at 16 and you see your own children petulantly refusing to pick up their dirty clothes out of their room, so ignorant of life that they aren't even aware of their ignorance. You look at 40 and you see experience, wisdom, understanding, and readiness; glowing embers radiating heat and needing only the right stoking to burst into flame.

    She moved awkwardly through her presentation, fumbling with her bookbag and magazines while she spoke, avoiding the eye contact which she feared would nakedly expose her embarrassment to me. 16 took shelter behind her and occasionally peeked over her shoulder.

    When she reached the point where she offers the magazines, I wasn't ready to let her go yet, so I asked a question about something she had said. This accomplished several things: first, it alleviated a great deal of her embarrassment and set her at ease, because it indicated that rather than being irritated about their knocking at this hour of the morning, I was accepting of their presence. It showed her that I had been paying attention to what she said rather than just waiting for her to stop so that I could say I wasn't interested. And it suggested an interest beyond mere politeness in her message. And, most importantly, it kept her there, speaking earnestly to me while I was drinking her in.

    Eye contact is such a wonderful thing. Two conversations at the same time; one public, neutered, generic, a stream of words from anyperson1 to anyperson2, transmitting a mundane concept. The other private, intensely personal, highly sexual; a stream of energy transmitting awareness rather than thoughts: "Yes... I see you. We are here, together, aren't we... here, now, you and I." All your potential, all that could be, flows between you on that shaft of energy from eye to eye.

    She forgot where she was. :)

    And so, bringing the conversation back around again, I decided to give them an added boost. She had offered the magazines for "whatever you'd like to contribute." So I asked them what they thought the magazines were worth... wording it that way on purpose to give them an opening. And you should have seen their eyes light up as they saw it.

    So, they told me what the magazines were worth to them (priceless... the price and the telling) and I gave them a couple of bucks and took the magazines. We said our goodbyes, she promptly forgot all about me, and I still remember her to this day. Lovely little darling of the doorway. :)


  • crossroads

    Comf-great little "ditty" about you and the sister.
    Your slant on things always adds a bit of "WAKE UP"
    to things being discussed. It's all too bad the way the
    JW's are conditioned that this life does not count.
    How many moments precious as they are do they
    really experience.

  • expatbrit


    That was a rather great little story. I never knew field service could be so erotic! Maybe I'll give it another try........


  • TR

    Make sure that there is a chalk outline of a body on the sidewalk in front of your house, with a few scattered W&A rags strewn about. Don't forget the yellow police tape around the area.


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