A Growing Irritant

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  • Inkie

    Greetings All:

    More and more lately when I have occasion to read any of the Society's publications or any postings here at this site which quote the Society's publications I find more and more lately that I become really irritated, annoyed, chafing, at the redundant phrase "anointed Christians." It just irritates the hell out of me. I don't necessarily understand the "why" of this annoyance only that I recognize that I have it. The word "Christians" literally mean "anointed ones" so that the phrase "anointed Christians" is really saying "anointed anointed ones." Just bugs me. Are there any phrases in the Society's literature that irritate you?

    Example: "Can anything be done if an infirm anointed anointed one finds it impossible to attend the congregation's commemoration of the Lord's Evening Meal?

    And another thing, in the post below about QFR regarding eating of the emblems, it says:

    "In such a case, the body of elders can arrange for an elder or other mature Christian male to take portions of the emblematic bread and wine to that fellow believer." Why is it necessary for an "elder" to bring such emblems to such an anointed anointed one? Why can it not be a sister bringing it to a sister? Where in the Bible does it necessitate a "male" to bring such emblems? Jesus said wherever there are 'two or three' gathered together he is present. Did he say male to male or male to female?

    The article also stated: "Such an anointed one [NOT anointed anointed one] can avail himself of a precedent in the Mosaic Law and commemorate it privately 30 days later." Why can it be commemorated PRIVATELY a month later and not PRIVATELY the month before? (Something's wrong with this picture.) If all JW's (partakers and OBSERVERS) are encouraged to attend in the first month, shouldn't the congregation be willing to gather together AGAIN a month later for an anointed anointed one to partake the second time around? If a congregation has only one anointed anointed one, and that anointed anointed one is sick or infirm and unable to attend in the first month , why do they all gather in the first month with no anointed anointed one present or partaking, but NOT gather together in the second month when the anointed anointed one is feeling a bit better and IS PARTAKING during the second month? Seems to me the congregation should be more than willing to congregate during the second month along with the anointed anointed one who is present and partaking.

    This whole thing is just plain dumb.


  • JH
    Are there any phrases in the Society's literature that irritate you


    When they say, "would a REAL christian do this or that". As if there are real and unreal christians. They like to make us feel as if we don't do enough.

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  • abbagail

    Inkie, what a riot! Hysterical funny!

    All very valid questions. You should print out a copy and send that as a letter to the HQ as a follow-up Question From Readers concerning their prior Question From Readers, lol. If they don't die laughing, there's something wrong with them all.

    Now that you have pointed that out to me, I will forever be annoyed when I see the phrase "anointed Christians." LOL. Before I left the JWs, the gnawing annoyance for me at the time (late '80s) was the famous "organization" word that seemed to appear on every other line of WT print. I had not a clue at the time about anything negative about the WTS, but in my gut it irked me to pieces, though I wouldn't even admit it to myself at the time.

    Take care!

  • Nosferatu

    I find myself incredibly annoyed at the word "Theocratic". That word is used so damn much, it makes me want to puke. Think of the word. Doesn't it sound absolutely retarded? Sounds like "Theo the crack addict".

  • Gig

    I mean absolutely no offense but your question "are there any phrases in the Society's literature that irratate you?" made me laugh. Your irritation grows and will continue to grow proportianately to the amount of literature you read. I, for one, haven't yet gotten to the point of being emotionally immune to the deceitful and arrogant attitudes and claims, and I honestly doubt that day will come.

    The contradictions and hypocritical writings are endless, the more you read and research, the more you find. This isn't the result of having concluded they're wrong and simply, without due examination, assuming them to be wrong in the first place. Most everyone here agrees, they condemn themselves without needing any help from me.

    I appreciate your "anointed anointed ones" example. Again the contradiction, christian means "belonging to Christ" and although they claim to adhere to this fundamental doctrine, in practice it plainly doesn't bear out. They are Jehovah's people and proud enough of it to boast about it with no restraint or shame. Hense the constant reliance on the phrase "Jehovah's organisation/arrangement", which is one of many phrases that irritate me.

  • Inkie

    The "great crowd" of "other sheep" accept the teaching from the Society that because they are not anointed anointed ones, then it must mean that they are:

    UN-ANOINTED ANOINTED ONES! Is that an oxymoron or what?!


  • Gig

    LOL @ Un-annointed annointed ones = the other sheep. Oddly enough there's some real logic in that, if they would adopt the term, they would be a little closer to the truth.

    Thanks for the laugh, keep up the good work.

  • Marcos


  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Are there any phrases in the Society's literature that irritate you?

    LOLOLOL Some

    Others make me fell unwell - some make me angry that they've dispensed with their own dignity - others even give me the urge to kill them out of a fright for their condition.

    I'd rather not repeat them.

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  • Francois

    "Such an anointed one [NOT anointed anointed one] can avail himself of a precedent in the Mosaic Law..."

    I guess these boneheads have never read Galatians and how it warns most sharply against those who would attempt to reintroduce any part of the Mosiac law.


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