A Growing Irritant

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  • jgnat

    How about:

    • Honest-hearted
    • True Christians

    When does an honest-hearted one become a dishonest-hearted one, and who is the judge? What is a false Christian? Using the above example, is a false Christian anointed with sewer-water? How can the anointed anointed walk the same streets as the unwashed ones?

  • Inkie

    Jesus himself said: "[F]alse Christs [in Greek: pseudo-kristos] will arise and they [will] say to you, Behold, He is in the wilderness [present/here], do not go forth; Behold, He is in the inner rooms [present, but you can't see him], do not believe it."Matthew 24:24-26, The New Testament, Recovery Version.

  • Warrigal

    Yes! Happifying used to bug me along with historicity. The one that still gags me is 'spiritual food'. The stuff they serve up is so empty its like.....ghost porridge.

    And if gluttony is a sin, why are we supposed to sit through endless servings of 'spiritual food' dumped before us at the assemblies and conventions?

  • AGuest

    I will tell you what "irritates" me to NO end:

    1. They have the audacity to call themselves "the truth": "how long have you been in the truth?" ARRRGHHH! You can't be IN the Truth... unless the Truth (whom they don't even know) is IN you!

    John 14:6; Romans 8:9, 10

    2. The false self-labeling of themselves as "the faithful and discreet slave"!!! GRRRRRR...

    HOW can you BE "discreet"... if YOU are running around calling yourself "discreet"? And how can you name yourself such... or presume that you've been named such... when the one who supposedly NAMES you when he arrives... has NOT arrived? Oh, yeah, that's right: he "arrived" in 1914... almost a hundred years ago... but is going to "arrive" again, when "every eye will see him."


    3. And... "Well, the Society says" this and "the Society says" that! Ooooh, that one gets me... as if they are the ONLY "society" on the planet.

    And... and... and...

    Nevermind. I'm starting to feel ill.


    A slave of Christ,


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