Canadians: what do you think of them ?

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  • Scully

    <sees title of post> <curiosity piqued>

    <sneaks in through the back door> <looks around quietly>

    <silently backs out through the door> <shuts door quietly, without clicking the latch>

    <goes to Tim Hortons for a "large double double">

    Love, Scully

  • Scully
  • TR

    Good beer, lots of trees, ice hockey. That about covers it. Oh, and border gaurds who don't care who comes into the U.S.


  • Scully

    TR writes:

    Oh, and border gaurds who don't care who comes into the U.S.

    *sigh* How come whenever I go to the U.S., I have to get clearance from American border guards?? I only see Canadian border guards when I'm coming back home??

    Love, Scully

  • Aztec

    Gotta love the Canadian's! Good beer, good exchange rate, and of course HOCKEY! Course the best hockey is still right here in Detroit...LOL Go Wings go!!!

    Honestly, I've never met a Canadian I didn't like.


  • dottie


    Scully! How could I forget about the sacred Tim Horton's coffee?????????

    *is feeling very ashamed*


  • joannadandy

    I fear the Maple-leafed swathed invaders from the north.

  • fjtoth

    This is the honest truth:

    After I moved to Canada and returned for a visit to Brooklyn Bethel, a New York City JW said, "Oh, you live in Canada! I've heard that's a very beautiful place. I want to go there someday. That's up around Buffalo, isn't it?"

  • ashitaka

    They're terrible, just terrible.

  • LoneWolf

    LOL on this thread.

    I suppose that it depends on which Canadian. Take Shania Twain now ........ Oh, and Simon --- I saw her first!

    All kidding aside, I've spent most of my Canadian time in either British Columbia or the Yukon, and I loved the people we met.

    Then again, though, my two oldest daughters spent 9 months in Quebec, and they loved the people there. I realize that the two countries have vastly different backgrounds, but to me they were just people and I couldn't care less about the distinctions.

    Oh, by the way fjtoth, you might be interested to know that the first job I had when we moved to Bethel, Alaska (the Eskimo village) was with Northern Commercial Company, which is the Alaskan branch of the Hudson Bay Company.


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