Canadians: what do you think of them ?

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  • Englishman

    Canadians and Australians both know that WW2 started in 1939 and finished in 1945.

    Thanks guys.


  • Mary

    ".......where can you find a bunch of wanabe Americans that speak a sissy language (French) and have a Leader with the IQ of a turtle?........"

    Just to set the record straight, the majority of Canadians CANNOT speak the French language, we speaka de English language.......(I really, really wish Quebec would separate, if for no other reason than that's where the Raliens are from). As for our Prime Minister's IQ, please don't insult turtles. Jean Chretien (pronounced: Kret-tee-en) is constantly embarassing us in front of the whole of the worst things he did was not bother going to King Hussein of Jordon's funeral in 1999 because he was too busy skiing out in British Colombia......and by the way, that's not French he's speaking, it's Cretchenise........not even the French can understand what the hell he's trying to say.

  • searcher

    I dont personaly know any Canadians, but the ones I have spoken to on this board are ok.


  • Seven

    I see no difference between Canadians and Americans. This might upset some but I find them to be just as fiercely loyal to their country as we are to ours and as intense about their likes and dislikes with government, social issues, sports and let's not forget beer. I've heard about Canadians being so "laid-back." I've yet to meet one of these. All good people, imo.

    Canadians are sexy!

    Thinking of one in particular.

  • dubla


    are you from the western part of canada by chance?


  • blondie


  • Gerard
    Now, what do you think about Quebec? I know Quebec is in Canada, but you must have a different point of view of Quebec.

    Les Quebecois nous somes tres sexy!

  • shera

    Heheh,funnie reading the stuff that people they view canadians.

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  • shera
    Do Canadiens have any tipping guides in Canada? I mean its customary to tip more then 50 cents for a 20 to 30 dollar meal but not for the canadiens!! nooooooo they leave pennies! cheap bastaaaaaaaaaards!!!!!!!

    Leave only pennies!LOL! Well,this may not be a huge tip,but I tipped my waiter 3.00 on a 23.00 bill.I know many more people who tip good and I never see pennies on the tables.**GRIN**

  • JH

    Les Quebecois nous somes tres sexy!
    How about sommes with 2 m's instead

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