dating service?

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  • Tatiana

    Red eX's are good! They are unattached, hot, and don't take up much space! :)

  • pr_capone

    You shouldnt be in here Jesika! You already have a man! This is for us poor souls that dont have that special someone in our lives.

    Me personally??? I am looking for some

    Mental Note *Must meet joannadandy at the apostfest.... something about monkey love*

  • ApagaLaLuz

    Young, Single, White, Doe-Eyed, Virgin, JW Female, with no real career qualifications, but can make a mean potato salad for congregation picnics.

    Seeks: Young to mature in age (I don't really care), homely looking, Ministerial Servant brother in good standing with the congregation. Must be very spiritually minded with spiritual goals. I will review the notes and number of colors you use to highlight your past study issues of the Watchtower to confirm. Must have a stable career in preferably window washing, janitorial, landscape, or computer building. Please be prepared to make only enough money to fully support me so I can Pioneer full-time, rent a back house behind the retired JW couple in my congregation, and pay the insurance for our one car which I will use to take you to work and pick you up so Ill have transportation for the field. Must have a bad haircut, and not expect me to wear anything not bought at Sears. Please be prepared to not touch my breasts until you have gone in to debt to buy me an engagement and wedding ring, which you cant afford, and get married. Must be willing to fulfill his husbandly sexual duty once a week after the Theocratic Ministry School meeting, and in the missionary position only.

    All applicants please contact my Presiding Overseer with your stats, as well as the phone numbers of the Elders in your congregation so that he can check with them regarding your standing in the congregation.

    Thank you for your attention..

    With Agape Love CHEVY


    I'm in love with SYN and that hot red X box!!!!!!! What a man

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  • czarofmischief

    Student of the Dark Side seeks young, virginal females for... um... spiritual pursuits, yeah...

    Said virgin must be willing to play hide and seek with hatchet-wielding future Mrs. Czar.

    Please bring a credit card and a bottle of tequila. Also black candles and a pinch of cobwebs for unicorn reins.


  • sableindian

    Now, is this for gay or bi? handicapped? multiracial? When we really get into it will someone jump in and start charging us?

    I don't think anyone on here is old enough for me anyway, but I like to see the kids having fun. Besides, I'm a vegetarian, don't drink or smoke, abstain from all forms of sex (while single) and don't use profanity. And I'm having too much fun.

    Have fun


    the girls usually met in the coffee shop
    It was across the street
    In walked Julie Brown dressed up and
    looking unusually sweet
    "Hey Julie what's up you sure look different"
    "I've met the nicest guy"
    "Oh yeah? Girl tell it. Let's hear it all"
    She grinned and sucked in a sigh
    "He seems so sincere he writes me daily
    Now, I haven't seen him once."
    "Girl sounds like that e-mail, be careful now."
    "I will, do you think I'm a dunce."
    "Ok, then tell us what's so different
    about this particular one?"
    "He sends me poems, everyday.
    Each one different and some are fun.
    But today I must tell you he told me
    something I did not expect to hear."
    The girl's rolled their eyes.
    Julie took out a note and perused it
    before she said, "He's such a dear"
    And then began to read a poem that started

    "There are no words
    to express what I
    feel for you."
    By the second line others chimed,
    I think there was one or two.
    It seems it must have been a popular poem
    Because by the middle half the room was reciting.
    Julie stopped while they all finished the poem
    She didn't look too exciting.
    Huffing and puffing she looked all around
    "Do you have this poem, Well what do you have to say?
    All the women, looked at each other
    They turned slowly around as they said, "he sent it to me today."

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  • joannadandy
    Virgin, JW Female, with no real career qualifications, but can make a mean potato salad for congregation picnics.

    *laughs so hard she falls off her chair*

    Ohh god Chevy!! Too funny!

  • hamptonite21

    Height 6'5

    Brown hair, spikey

    brown eyes

    28yrs old



    Interests- Snowboarding, surfing,golf, Weight training.

    Occupation Mortgage banker.

    Current status, Depends on the day- You know the type of relationship. Today single!

  • joannadandy

    Hamp you forgot to them the part about being a total hottie...

  • ApagaLaLuz

    mmmm mmmm good Hamp..... too bad you're not accepting applications, I'd submit mine with references.

    p.s. do you like potato salad?

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