What exactly ARE the JWs known for?

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  • Bona Dea
    Bona Dea

    The only impression I ever got of witnesses...PRIOR to hearing from the JWs themselves what everyone's "supposed" impression of them was...was that they were weirdos. As kids, my parents would have broken our fingers off if we had so much as reached for the doorknob when the witnesses came-a-knocking. As a family, we never really talked about the witnesses much. I went to school with two. They were brother and sister. The only impression we had of them at school was pitiful and sad...everyone felt sorry for them because they couldn't do a thing.

    But no...NOT EVER....did I EVER hear anyone say, "Oh, what about those Jehovah's witnesses? They are such fine and upstanding citizens. And they dress so nice! Oh, and aren't they so loving and caring?" ...yeah...we'd get that impression because of??: -a- all the blood drives they attend -b- all the volunteer work they do at the soup kitchen -c- their multitudes of generous contributions to various charities

  • JH

    Since we have such a gooooood reputation that everybody admires, would you say you are a JW if you passed an interview???

    Well, that says it all.

  • jgnat

    Lessee, before I got edumacated, what did I hear about the JW's?

    • "They're a cult. When they ask for all your money, get out of there!"
    • They wear suits and they go door to door. I could not tell them apart from the Mormons.
    • They build the tackiest churches you ever saw. The cinder-built community hall has more character.
    • "Yeah, our neighbours are Witnesses. They don't put up lights at Christmas. They don't have much to do with us - a little stuck up if you ask me."

    Now I can proudly say I can tell the difference between a Witness and a Mormon. Mormon boys have cooler knapsacks and nametags.

  • Kenneson

    I don't think the clothes they wear gives them away; no, it's those brief cases or book bags.

    And in the media, in the past the Witnesses usually made controversial news in their opposition to blood transfusions, holidays, civic enterprises, flag saluting, higher education, voting, public office, the military and a host of others. Today, additionally, pedophilia and denial in the ranks are fast becoming hot items. The only favorable articles seem to center on quick-build Kingdom Halls and the hosting of conventions. I think Jehovah's Witnesses need a face-lift.

  • crownboy

    would you say you are a JW if you passed an interview???

    Actually, JH, during a service meeting part an elder in my congregation once mentioned that a young brother used to put down the fact that he was a member of the Theocratic Ministry School on his job resumes. Obviously, potential employers would ask what that meant, and then he would be able to "witness" to them, as well as try to convince them that the training he gained from that school is as good a training as one could get in public speaking. The elder never mentioned whether or not the brother got a job by doing this.

    From my experience, people thought of Witnesses as:

    1. The people who bother them by coming to their doors preaching.

    2. The people who don't celebrate holidays.

    3. The people who don't take blood transfusions (unless it's fractions, of course ).

  • meadow77

    LOL @ JG- I love it when the mormons come knocking, they'll help you around the house! No, serioulsy a couple of mormons hepled me move one time. Helpful little buggers, if nothing else.

  • Yerusalyim

    I've told this story before, but will mention it again. When in Tennessee, our neighbor's 19 was giving him trouble, and he came and stayed at our house one night. Being the responsible adults we are the wifey and I went to the neighbors the next day to let them know where he was, etc. When asked if OUR 19 year old would be a good influence my wife popped off with, "Barry will be a good influence, he's a Jehovah's Witness." I laughed on the inside. The guy just looked at her funny. I said, "Barry's a pretty good boy."

    Seems Liza had the impression that people know the "reputation" of the witnesses. Before I started to educate myself all I knew about them is they knocked at your door and had magazines.

    This self-praise seems to be bought hook line and sinker by the rank and file. Most people I speak to know nothing about the JW's. Many don't even know about the blood issues.

  • JH


    I can just imagine that brother passing an interview, saying he learned alot about public speaking, and then he stutters all the way through the interview.

  • plmkrzy

    knock knock knockin'

  • crownboy

    Or maybe he didn't have the correct "sense stress" or "modulation", JH.

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