What exactly ARE the JWs known for?

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  • RubaDub

    Giving lousey tips at restaurants.

    *****Rub a Dub

  • blacksheep

    NOT saluting the flag in school.

    NOT standing for the national anthem (maybe that's changed)

    NOT celebrating Christmas, Easter, birthdays, any *other* holidays

    NOT voting

    NOT in the military service

    NOT taking blood

    On and on. Seems to me people lots of people know them by what they do NOT do. Yeah, that's a really inspiring role model.


    Actualy now that you mention it,I have asked that question of non-dubs.The answer I recieved,,just one word:"LIARS"..They certainly have built up a reputation in the outside world,LOL!...OUTLAW

  • RedhorseWoman

    I was rather surprised after I left to find out that most people knew nothing about JWs at all, despite the JW claim that they are "spectacles to the world" and that everyone knows who they are and what a wonderful example they set.

    The ones who did know something about JWs were mainly cognizant of the irritation of being bothered at the door by JWs selling magazines.


    I'm with Running Man:

    1. Door to Door ministry

    2. Blood Transfusions (refusal to take)

    Those two are automatically identified by most anyone I have encountered whom are not Jehovah's Witnesses, as identifying them or their religion.

  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    I think Runningman has the right idea.

    As another non witness, I would say that the general impression my friends have of JWs is:

    • kinda weird, aren't they?
    • aren't they strict? (but no one is sure what they are strict about)
    • they'd let their kids die by refusing a blood transfusion!

    I enlighten them on some of the other issues. No one has a glowing impression of witnesses at all.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Before knowing them I would have said, "neatness - wishful"

    After knowing a couple I would have said, "wishful and deluded - spiritually wanting (even desperate) due to various underlying or perhaps unidentified reasons"

    After meeting a couple more I thought "untrusting - may lead to dishonour - can even be very nasty - likelihood increases with jw status and/or money"


  • Warrigal

    Everywhere in the media, JWs are known as the people who knock on doors early in the morning. No one made comments about how 'loving and caring' they were. Now they're known as people who shield pedophiles within the congregations. Yuck!

  • JH

    I think we are know for the way we dress and the way we talk.

    No, but seriously, JW's are know for their "end of the world soon" scare.

    The Org. makes us believe that we are known for our honesty.

    But honestly, we know that others are just as honest and crooked as we are.

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  • garybuss

    The Watch Tower Publishing Corporation and it's literature distribution division, combined called the "Organization", has manufactured the teaching of the clean image and the idea that they are visible and watched by "the world".

    The reality of it all is the clean image is a delusion and most people I have asked about the Jehovah's Witnesses have them confused with the Mormons. Most have never met a Witness and know almost nothing about them, and don't care . . . like Alan wrote.

    Ones that I know who do know Witnesses, view them as odd at best and pity them. Most I know who have had personal experienced with Witnesses are either current Witnesses or don't like them at all. Then there are those who see them as a project and are hatching up a plan to change them. Anyone I know, who was never a Witness and has studied the history, principles, and practices of the Witnesses, is amazed there any followers at all.

    History will see them as a dangerous, destructive cult.

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