Michael Jackson Sleeps With Kids(not his)

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  • BeautifulGarbage

    I was highly critical of MJ on another thread and I stand by those comments.

    Fact: MJ is a 44 year old grown male.

    The guys upbringing and talent are irrelevant in regard to whether or not he has children, other than his own, sleeping in bed with him. If this were MJ the 44 year old plumber living down the street, people would never so easily dismiss his behavior. Nobody would care that he had a difficult childhood,etc. The police would be called and parents would be in an uproar.

    how many parents out there have ever had their child sleep with them in bed?

    Are you considered a pedophile for doing so?

    The act of an adult sleeping (as in literally falling asleep) with a child in the bed is not a crime.

    Most parents have had their own children sleep with them at one time or another. Usually because the kids are scared or something is bothering them. However, I have NEVER, and nobody that I know of, has ever had someone else's children sleep in their bed. If a child is frightened, or having some other difficulty, I think it much more appropriate that child's parent(s) are called to come get them and take them home so that they, themselves, can comfort them. If this can't be done, then perhaps they can go into another room sit on the couch to that the kid can be comforted. Yes, the bedroom, and especially the bed, is symbolic for sexual activity. Even though nothing sinister would happen, I would take them into the livingroom and comfort them there.

    No, I don't think someone should be labeled a pedophile because they have a kid sleeping in their bed. However, I do think that some very serious questions should be asked. I always views things from the standpoint: What is in the best interests of the child? The adult's needs are irrelevant. This extends to parents and their own children, also. For example, if a single parent is feeling lonely, they request their child sleep with them to lessen the pain of being alone. The child is being used inappropriately by the adult to alleviate their own emotional suffering. I think that children being used in that way is not healthy for the adult, and especially for the child.

    No, it's not a crime. For me, it is MJ's reasons for having children sleeping with him. Even if those reasons are "innocent" it's still not something that a responsible adult would do with someone else's children. MJ has made it clear this is something he does on a regular basis.

    There's no question Michael leads a very different life than most. It's also quite evident that he is now a product of his upbringing, fame and mental state. Period. YOU don't know what it's like and never will. I KNOW what it's like for people with mental illnesses. It's CRAZY...their minds do not function the way ours does, and what's worse is that instead of sympathy they get the opposite - ridicule. And when you are constantly ridiculed, it's very crushing, especially if it is over something you cannot help. (I was picked on a LOT as a kid and it had long lasting effects)


    Again, upbringing, fame, and mental state are not an excuse to inappropriately use children to meet an adult's needs. Even more so if someone has a mental illness. Proper therapy needs to be sought. Many of us on this board have experienced abuse and cruelty from those that were suppose to protect and love us. Myself included. I do know what it is like. My father was/is a sociopath. No, I wasn't famous. Still, fame is not an excuse for his behavior. I think that MJ gets an abundance of sympathy. However, mine stops dead when children are exploited. Granted, MJ has done some great things for sick children but, if he is mentally ill, I would question any parent's sanity in allowing their child to be alone with him.

    Do I think MJ is trying to teach kids that it's okay to sleep with adults? No. I think that MJ is desperately trying to capture and create something he feels he was denied. A healthy, loving, childhood. You have no idea how much I understand this. Still, his childhood is gone and he cannot get it back. Period. If he wants to create a world of amusement parks, castles, and endless "fun" he is certainly entitled to for himself. He is not entitled to use children to relieve the pain of his own childhood suffering. Even if he motives are pure. And if a child feels they need to be in bed with MJ to feel better, if it is due to serious emotional problems, then a competent therapist should be sought.

    Not MJs bed.


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