Michael Jackson Sleeps With Kids(not his)

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  • Realist

    jacko is certainly not quite normal...but just because he sleeps together in the bed with his children doesn't make him a pedophile! in dubio pro reo!

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  • meadow77

    I don't know if Jackson molests kids or not, I really hope not. I will have to go with Realists on this. He does some strange things, but I hope sleeping with kids in your bed doesn't automatically make you a pedophile, otherwise I suspect lots of us would be guilty. I will admit that for a grown man this is usually considered culturally taboo unless they are your own kids, but it is possible that it's harmless. Also as was pointed out, there was an investigation into the child abuse scandal which revealed nothing. Jacko may be strange, but it's certainly possible that there are even stranger parents out there willing to use their own kids as pawns to make money. Again, I will agree that much of his behavior is off, but when has it been a crime to be wierd in the entertainment biz. The only thing I could really care about is if he was truly molesting children, which up until now has yet to be the case.

  • Dia

    Anyone recall the words to 'Man in the Mirror'. A great song.

    I hope all is well with the "Man in the Mirror'.

  • wednesday

    just a reminder for those in usa, the program will be aired at 8pm EST( 7Pcst), on ABC , on a show called 20/20. That's channel 8 for those in dallas ft. worth area.

  • TR

    Another thing. What kind of parents would let their kids "hang" with this wackjob. Because he has money? This dude(?) is a fruitloop.


  • plmkrzy

    He is on tonight. Can't remember what channel. Probably 7 or 4 or 2, or maybe 9.

    Can't remember what time either.

    But it IS tonight...I think. The interview with the man who lived with him for a few months to get the "real" inside scoop.

  • wednesday

    I looked to see if anyone had started another thread after thursday nights "jackson tapes-the tapes they did not want u to see" or somethign like that. If someone has, and this has already been discussed to death, pls excuse me. i really did search.

    I thought he came across somewhat better on his tapes. U could see his father was abusive. his mother said they used 'godly discipline" or something to that affect. the brother, bascially said"yeah i got my share of beatings, but hey i survived and i thing i'm a better person for it" not exact words-how it came across.In the end jackson said his father was smart, or somesuch language.he briefly talked about his JW childhood, lack of xmas and BD's and andything normal , as the driving force behind Neverland, and his friendship with boys.

    according to the local news, after the show, he has been reported to CPS in calif. A man who represented a group for abused children said they were actively pursing it b/c as he said"if u knew your neighbor slept with children in their bed, wouldn't u report him?"

    I thought his xwife was strange. She wants to be sort of involved in theri life-but they don't have a mother.

    I dont care what he says, there is no justification for dangling a baby over a balcony.- and sleeping with young boys at age 44, well he should know better. But johnny Chrochen says he's very naive.

  • back2dafront

    how many parents out there have ever had their child sleep with them in bed?

    Are you considered a pedophile for doing so?

    The act of an adult sleeping (as in literally falling asleep) with a child in the bed is not a crime.

    Due to the abundance of abuse in the world, we are programmed to immediately question anyone's motives in regards to any interaction with children, and we forget that such things are perfectly normal to children. Children love to snuggle with each other or a protecting adult - it's instinctual, shoot...my CAT insists on crawling in the bed with us every night.

    Granted, there ARE sick perverts in the world who take advantage of children's innocence and turn it into something sexual, but is it a totally impossible feat that an adult could have pure motives for doing such? Could these kids have been close friends of his? Have you ever babysat before and had a frightened kid wake up in the middle of the night during a nightmare and insist in being in your presence, at least until they fell back asleep?

    Some people are so quick to judge. It's like they enjoy criticizing others and finding faults in others. Calling them names. These are the type people that generally have low self-esteems, so they boost themselves up by criticizing others.

    There's no question Michael leads a very different life than most. It's also quite evident that he is now a product of his upbringing, fame and mental state. Period. YOU don't know what it's like and never will. I KNOW what it's like for people with mental illnesses. It's CRAZY...their minds do not function the way ours does, and what's worse is that instead of sympathy they get the opposite - ridicule. And when you are constantly ridiculed, it's very crushing, especially if it is over something you cannot help. (I was picked on a LOT as a kid and it had long lasting effects).

    I think he reaches out to children so much because he understands how impressionable they are. What you experience as a child shapes your character as an adult - they learn EVERYTHING from adults. Everything we do and say is watched closely, and they imitate us as well - we are their role models. Is he trying to teach kids to sleep with random adults? I highly doubt it. I think he's wishing for a world where things like that can happen and nobody questions it, because only adults with PROBLEMS actually make something sexual out of it. He's trying to be their grown-up friend. That's my take. I think if he had actually molested any child he'd be in jail right now. But he's a really sensitive person, and I don't think he'd want to hurt anyone, and he especially knows the hurt of abuse.

    I feel sorry for him and a lot of celebrities who can never ever have one moments privacy. Everything they do and say is broadcast to the world - those who are freaks are glamorized and the real sincere ones receive little recognition or worse yet are criticized and called "wackjobs."

    Real intelligent name-calling there...how childish. Wackjob.

    "TR called you a wackjob! hahahaha"

    <little girl sticks out lower lip>

    "I know you are but what am I?"

    "You're a FRUITLOOP!"

    <little girl runs away crying>

    <teacher makes TR sit in a corner with a dunce cap on for picking on little girls half his age>

    I'm a firm believer in Karma. What comes around goes around. You make your own bed. Treat others the way you'd like to be treated. What you say and do reflects a lot on your character. etc etc etc.

    I'm done now.


  • wednesday

    Well, i brought this topic back to the top to se if anyone had any thoughts about what Mj said about his JW upbringing(no holidays, xmas bd's), the jackson family reaction to him,and any reaction to them filing with calif. CPS.

  • Gopher

    I guess this board has been "Jacksoned" to death in the past couple weeks.

    But I'll bite on your questions. As far as his JW upbringing, no comment! There's really nothing new there.

    His father Joseph claimed (on the FOX-TV interview) that the reporter tried to paint him as cruel. No Joseph, it was Michael's own words that painted you that way. Joseph went on to try to "normallize" Michael's childhood, saying that he could always play with his older brothers if he wanted companionship. Wha-what? Michael having a NORMAL childhood, come on! If Michael says he felt alone, then that's how he felt, no matter what his father says! If he felt like he wanted to go play ball with the neighborhood kids (but couldn't because he had to keep practicing his music for hours on end), then dangit, that's how he felt! Joseph, you got what you wanted out of the kids, now go crawl back under your rock okay?

    I hadn't heard about the filing with Child Protective Services. Geez just what we need, another media circus. He has never been proven guilty of anything wrong with the children over all these years. Maybe Michael just cares too much! This CPS case should be rather rapidly dismissed, IMHO. It just sounds like a circus to me. (Again being unusual or extreme is not a crime, it's just a personality trait.)

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