Michael Jackson Sleeps With Kids(not his)

by TR 20 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • TR

    Michael Jackson has "slept in a bed with many children." What a friggin' weirdo.



  • MacHislopp

    Hello TR,

    thanks for the news.


    "The Sun said the "shocking confession" would end

    Jackson's career, while the Daily Express said

    Jackson "faces a wave of revulsion."

    says it all.

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

  • kaykay_mp

    doesn't Jacko already face a "wave of convulsion"...well, at least from me. When I see him, i just wave and convulse. heh heh

  • dannyboy

    That fellow is screwed up for sure. As if stuff about him couldn't get more weird....

    I don't condone what he does or has reportedly done (like hanging the baby out the window in Europe recently for example), but I always remember the exposure (contamination if you will) he experienced as a kid from Jehovah's Witnesses, not to mention the problems of growing up as an entertainer.

    Maybe he would have been screwed up anyway.


  • mouthy

    I really believe that we should be careful how we judge Jackson I have just finished reading a book by his Ex Sister in law- Margaret Jackson divorced from Jermain. called "Jackson Family Values" She speaks very highly of him =She states all that is printed about him is lies- he is the best one in the family- Also Many others who have know him for years Say he does more money wise than anyone helping sick kids. As for the sleeping with kids. .....Beware my friend the Watch Tower may have you in bed with some one before you know it. They have rumored so about me. Remember the way we judge ..... we will be judged. my 2 cents worth ( I get really ticked when folks who dont know the person defiles them

  • freedom96

    I think Jackson is very talented, however that does not mean he is not weird. There are lot of talented famous people that are great in their work, but socially, they are enept.

    The fact is, that he may suffer from a mental illness of sorts, and that can be contributed to his not really having a childhood, an abusive father, among other things.

    On the flip side, he does in fact do much for charity work. Much more than most people will ever know. It could very well be that he means well, and has never done anything wrong to kids. There is much evidence that the whole molestation case was blackmail for a movie that the kids father wanted to do.

    For me personally, I would not stop at prosecuting someone for molesting my child for a sum of money.

    The other fact to consider is this: Michael has never been charged with a crime. There was a huge investigation, and nothing happened from it. When there is evidence of a crime, the DA takes over, and they charge the person. Doesn't matter if the victim wants to prosecute. In California for example, if a husband batters his wife, and there is evidence, no matter how much the wife says she doesn't want to press charges, the police have no choice but to charge the guy.

    It is too bad that Jackson is wierd, but we are not him, we don't know what is going on in his mind, and mental illness cannot always be understood. I have enjoyed his music, and I pray that he never has harmed a child.

  • waiting

    Jackson denied having had any alterations to his face other than two operations on his nose because "it helped me breathe better so I can hit higher notes."

    "I am telling you the honest truth," he said. "I didn't do anything to my face."

    When he was younger, I used to be amazed at how graceful he danced on the stage. His energy was astounding......nearly perfect, healthy, good looks.

    It's hard to believe that anyone in the public's eye could be so politically incorrect. But then, all one has to do is recall former President Clinton, eh?


  • TR

    I don't give a crap about whatever PedoJacko went through. Slumbering with little kids is just plain wrong. What kind of friggin' role model is that?


  • freeman



  • morrisamb

    How about the way he sat in that throne for part of the interview...and ordering 6 $million dollars worth of stuff in Las Vegas..tacky, tacky!

    He needs a reality check!

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