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  • Yizuman

    Ok, bro-in-law came and picked me up at 9:15 AM, drove 45 mins to Anderson to what used to be the SS Office which is now a Medical Clinic and had to call the SS Office to find their new location and found it next to the National Guard Armory.

    Went in, took a number which was 84, the person being served was 81. Surprisenly not alot of people in today (maybe it's the weather, it's COLD out there today) waiting in line. Being in a SS Office like I used to remember when I first applied for SSI at the age of 14 while in Center on Deafness school was like waiting for a new DL and Plates in a BMV office. But not today it wasn't.

    The wait time was 30 minutes to talk to somebody which wasn't too bad. BUT, the paperwork was horrendious. About 50 pages of forms for me to fill out. OWIE!!!

    Then came verbal questions about my backgound history ranging from medical to work history.

    All in all, we went through all this in 1 hour and half with this guy.

    Then he tells me that it would be about 3-4 months before he could make a decision whether or not I would be granted to receive SSI.

    Also I am told that I will be receiving mail with instructions on where to go and have my hearing test done in order to make deteriminaton whether I am eligiable(s?) for SSI benefits.

    So, this has been a fun and interesting day. NOT!!!

    Aside that, after we left, bro-in-law treated me a meal from McDonalds which helped make up for the horrible day I had to go through.


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  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Yiz, you had to do what you had to do. 3-4 months before getting any response either getting any benefits or not? In the meantime, what do you do?

    Guest 77

  • Mary

    OK, what about welfare? If you are in dire straights, they will help you out now (at least they do here in Canada). (by the way, what exactly is SSI? I'm not familiar with that term).

  • Utopian_Raindrops

    Hey Yizuman,

    I am sorry for your bad day.

    What a horrible thing to have to go through.

    In my opinion those in great need should have some emergency help while the long-term help is being evaluated. U.S.A. is a very rich country and its integrity can only be measured by how it treats its most neediest of citizens.

    Have you gone to Man Power or any other temp service for work? You could get one if not 2 temporary work assignments. Weve all done it in my family at one time or another.

    You can even apply to 2 Temp services and have 2 jobs! When one assignment is over you go back to the office and receive another. As a single mother I have enjoyed this kind of work as I could have off when the kids needed me as long as I gave 24-hour notice so they could send another employee in my place.

    Whats great about Man Power is they even have training classes for computers and such!

    Also, I do not know the laws on this one but here many school bus companies hire drivers and bus driver aids. Most of the positions start at $ 7.00 and hour for an aid. (Someone who sits, watches the kids and makes sure they behave while the bus is moving)

    I hope all goes well for you sir.

    Christian Love,


  • josephus

    hi there

    im glad your on your way, (however slowly) im not sure if its ant consolation, but ive been thinking about you, and even prayed a little bit, which i dont do much anymore. i hope it all helps.

    if you were over in Northern Ireland you could live in my house.



  • Witch Child
    Witch Child

    SSI is social security income, I believe.

    Hey Yizuman, You might be suprised that it could happen a lot quicker. When I had to go on welfare a few years back they said 3-4 months and it took a month. In the meantime I was able to get emergency food from several sourses... one was the survival center which may be a local thing, one was through the complex I lived in, one was WIC which doesn't help you much... I was amazed at the resourses I could access as a very broke person... ask everyone, like your social worker or folks you know who are on low incomes... "Where can I get some food while I wait for SSI to come through?" Hopefully there will be some local services to get you through.

    Hang in there.


  • Yizuman

    SSI means Social Security for the Impaired. In which case my deafness is classified as "impaired".

    I have an appointment with the Welfare office at 9 AM Thursday.

    I had gotten some food from both the Township Trustee's office and the St. Vincent de Paul Center.

    Not much food, but better than nothing I guess.

    Speaking of a place to stay....I hate to be a bother to ask, but if it comes down to this as one of the options for me to get back on my feet, may I ask if anyone could have a place to stay?

    I live in Noblesville, IN and I am willing to relocate out of state if it come to be neccessary, even if it means that it could also give me an opportunity to find jobs out there other than here. I am willing to take the risk and moving away from my family.




    Yizuman, it's all going to work out, just fine. One has to do what they've got to do, and then it's a waiting game, but I am confident it will all work out fine.

    It's nice to know that you have resources there to fall back on, if things get a bit tough.

    Moral support: LOTS OF IT HERE!

    Keep us posted, and if you're feeling good or otherwise, let us know. We're on your side.

    PS: Yizuman, considering you have a hearing impairment, do you use sign-language, or can you lip read? I am curious, as I used to do translating (sign language) for the deaf at the meetings/assemblies way back. Just curious.

  • Tatiana

    Yizuman....I live in Chicago. Not far from Indiana...although I don't know where Noblesville is. I know that here when I lost my job and had depleted Unemployment, I went to a food bank. They gave me enough to last until I could get help. I wish I could help you more. I lost my apartment and live with my daughter now. But you could be sure if I had my own place, I'd "pay it forward" and help you out.

    I know it's hard to "wait and see". Just don't get depressed. Damn, if only I'd won the lottery!!

    Too bad we don't have "quick builds" for people on this board!!!!!!!!!! I'd be willing to lend my skills to helping those who need it.



  • Yizuman
    Rayzorblade - PS: Yizuman, considering you have a hearing impairment, do you use sign-language, or can you lip read? I am curious, as I used to do translating (sign language) for the deaf at the meetings/assemblies way back. Just curious.

    I do both.


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