I really hate them !!!

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  • heathen

    BATHORY- Please elaborate more on why you think the jews sank the titanic. There are theories that it really had a weapons arsenal on board and that sabotage was indeed a reason for it sinking .


    G'Day heathen.

    Why did the jews sink the titanic ??

    Iceberg, Goldberg whats the difference

  • Realist

    LOL good one!

  • Shakita

    Welcome Titanic:

    This is a really great place to vent. Hate is an emotion that alot of us have felt when our "loving" brothers and sisters have turned out to be anything BUT loving. I hope that with time your hate will lessen and you will come to a place in your heart where you will pity those who have been deceived by the org. and follow orders to hurt others. I must admit that I am still working on that.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • TheSilence

    i think we all understand, we've all been in the same place. it was really hard for me for a long time to forgive my dad for some of the things he said and did to me as i made my way out. luckily my mom still wanted me to have a relationship with him and kept pounding it into my head that while what he was doing was wrong, they came from good intentions. he truly believes that i will die in armagedon and that im giving up everlasting life, and if threatening to disown and not speaking and doing all those sick and twisted little things they are supposed to do might possibly help me to go back to 'the truth' then in his mind all he was doing was trying to save my life. in no way do any of us condone their tactics but i would like to believe that for the most part everyone in that religion is deluded and truly believes they are trying to help. it is the organization itself that i have a problem with, i pity those within it. i think looking at it that way helps and i hope you can come to view it that way. if ever you need to chat you can email me... im still new here, but i do believe my direct email is in my profile.


  • Pleasuredome

    welcome titanic! :)

    i hope you can share your experience with us all.

  • cruzanheart

    Welcome! When you're ready we will all be interested to hear your story. This is a safe place to vent and we're glad to have you with us!


  • kls

    TITANIC..trust me i feel the same as you , and maybe more.You know what is said about pay backs.It will come .remember were all in this together. remember they are just people. kls

  • onacruse

    Welcome Titanic!

    You know you've stumbled upon a good place here to vent and release your negitive feelings. A long time ago I learned to take hold of my anger, release it, to get angry yet not sin. For many months I raged, I screamed, I cussed, I hit, yes I struck out and hit my poor pillow to death......you see I took out all my anger on my pillow. I did this in my bedroom when my house was empty of anyone to hear me rage, scream and cry. What a realease it was when I finally unleashed those demons and felt as bad as it felt, when I gave myself permission and just let it flow.

    Somedays I thought I would die from the pain, from the grief, then I realized I was grieving over loosing my anger and the saddness and depression that I knew too well. Those were my coping mechanisms I thought they kept me sain, but learned realized they held me back from experincing the wonderful world I longed for, the happiness I wanted so badly to feel.

    Then began my long journey of filling up the empty part of me that was for so long filled with anger and hate and learning how to replace those negitive feelings with new positive affirmations.

    My point is to tell you you have a right to be angry, to hate the wrongs that were done to you and this is a safe place to vent. But you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to plan to get over it, to learn to let the love you have in your heart return to a new and better place.

    Here is a quote from Louise Hay's book, "You Can Heal Your Life" that I enjoy reading:

    In the infinity of life where I am,

    All is perfect, whole and complete.

    Each one of us, myself included, experiences the richness

    and fullness of life in ways that are meaningful to us.

    I now look at the past with love and choose

    to learn from my old experiences.

    There is no right or wrong, nor good or bad.

    The past is over and done.

    There is only the experience of the moment.

    I love myself for bringing myself

    through this past into this present moment.

    I share what and who I am,

    for I know we are all one in Spirit.

    All is well in my world.

    My best regards for you and your long journey to a better life free from hate and anger.

    Katie aka; bikerchic who goofed and used hubbie's account

    Edited because I used onacruses account........my bad!

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  • calamityjane

    Welcome Titanic. great place for venting.

    Hey Katie LOL> Between you and my hubby xjw_b12, your confusing everyone with the mixing up of accounts. I couldn't resist.

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