I really hate them !!!

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  • Titanic

    I'm sorry if you have heard this before, but I must vent and here is the best place..i have no other place ...I'm really angry. I have more than 40 years of life experience on this planet. I have been through a lot in life..i have lived in number of countries , visited many others. I spent few years fighting when serving in the army. SO, I have met and dealt with so many people,so many different groups of people..all sorts..all religions..all backgrounds...from different nations...And YET i have never met such cruel, unloving.ungrateful.inhuman,robotic, incompassionate, bad,bad, bad group of people as Jehovah's Witnesses are.

    I have never believed in revenge or violance - but right now i wish the worse for this people as a whole.

    I don't use swear words - but right now i can use all the swear words in the world against this people.

    Im not quick to get angry- but right now I'm really angry with these inhuman creatures..

    No one ever before got me so angry and hateful. These people really, really make me feel sick ..I wish I could wipe out every memory i have from my time with them..wipe out every memory of their faces..their names..everything about them. I can't understand how God (who ever he is) can stand them with their sick..completely sick attitude.

    I'm sorry for not relating my experience and the causes for the words above.I cant for personal reasons (although i really want to) but i'm sure you appreciate that what these people have done to me and my family was bad enough to write the above.All i say is that I and my family wasted 15 years of our lives with those people. I was an elder (nearly C.O) and all my family regular pioneered .Now we all out ..and in great pain that just does not go away..

    I have never known what it feels to hate..i have never really hated anyone before - but now I really hate Jehovah's Witnesses..not just the organization and it's GB..but also many of the people themselves..the way they think..the way they reason...their attitude...what they believe ...everything about them. I can't understand how on earth I was one of them.

    If there is one thing that JW have thaught me, then it is how to hate. I know it is not healthy to hate..but as for now I feel that until my last breath of life I will HATE this group of people....


  • DakotaRed

    Titanic, without even knowing your circumstances, I can empathize. I too went through hell with them and although not feeling quite as strong as you are, they still ripped what family I had apart. Fortunately, it was a step family and I have adult daughters that never became dubs, so I have some support.

    You've chosen a good place to vent, feel free to vent as you feel. Many of us have similar feelings and probably gone through the same as you have. You have found some understanding friends.

    Welcome to the forum.

    Lew W

  • confuzcious


    I'm relatively new here two and I had many frustrations - still do.

    But I found this place to be a great place of healing.

    Also, you can be annonymous here if you want.

    I pioneered for 9 years and my life goal was to be a CO. I feel the pain with you.

  • heathen

    Titanic- That's one hell of a first thread to start there. It would be interesting to hear more about the exact circumstances that made you feel the way you do. I am aware of the tactics they use and I can relate to what you are saying.

  • Brummie

    Titanic (I see you named yourself after their spiritual ark!). Welcome aboard.

    It sounds like early stages of leaving or dealing with the issue for you, you have my sympathy, they have wronged you and that is expressed without you revealing all the issues.

    You will find support here, and hopefully a lot of the hurts will heal, give yourself time.

    Welcome again


  • anglise

    Welcome to the board Titanic.

    Many here will empathize with you. I hope that with time and the support of this board you will be able to get your life together again.

    I to really regret the day when we first listened to these people and carry many emotional scars from my politeness that day.

    Feel free to email, my address is open.


  • TheOldHippie

    Not so nice to feel hated ...... especially when I think about the weapon arsenal many US citizens have at home, and how their president is ...........

    Happy you are on an other continent than I am.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Wow! What an intro. to the forum. Anyways, welcome and it sounds like you have some interesting stories to share with us in the days to come.

    I too have traveled and met many different people. I like to share a story that I have told before and maybe you can extract something from it, especially about spending precious time in hating. When living in Brooklyn NY, many moons ago, my youngest brother asked me to study with him and I accomadated him along with my younger sister. To make a long story short, today he is an elder and my sister went her way in life. I had four family members that lived with my aunt in Brooklyn. Now, my brother's wife HATED me for fourteen years because she thought that I suckered my brother into studying the Bible. I did no such thing. So, she wasted fourteen years of her life HATING me because of wrongful thinking or not getting the true story. When I learned of her hateing me and the reason, I said to myself, she 'wasted' fouteen years of her life over what? Even to this day, I say, what a waste!

    Do you realize the positive energy that your 'wasting' over negative feelings? Yes, your Forty, I've passed that age almost twenty two years ago and I have seen what hate can do to people. I have liken it to "something crawling inside of you and dying" and you need to remove that dead waste from your system. This forum is a good start. Yes, keep spewing that rot or dead vermin out of your system, avoid letting it control your life. "Let a ROTTEN saying not proceed out of your mouth.." the scripture says, in this case vomit the rot from your system and you will feel better for it.

    Surely, with your experiences in meeting people and doing things, all was not vanity. You have engaged in may POSITIVE activities, reflect and cling to them. Anyways, take what I have said with a grain of salt, a ton if need be.

    Guest 77


    G'Day titanic

    did you know the jews sunk the titanic !

    Anyhum, please explain :

    " I spent few years fighting when serving in the army " ....

    " I have never believed in revenge or violance "

    Go to the beach, have some fun

  • Realist

    welcome Titanic!

    i can sympathize...their teachings and believes are dispicable!

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