Joined an online meeting incognito

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  • Balaamsass2

    I had a Pimo friend call me during his He was on a Zoom and mike was off. He told me he was enjoying a cocktail, and throwing a ball for the dog while talking to me and the meeting droning on in the background.

    So much for accurate meeting attendance numbers. :)

  • Journeyman
    There was a reddit poster who mentioned that to log into zoom you had to get approval from the elders. Wt cannot go completely on line. It will finish them.

    As far as I can see, some congregations with particularly 'zealous' elders might be doing that, but I think it's a long way from that across the board yet. A lot of bodies of elders would not be happy enforcing that, in part because members of their own families like to stay online when it suits them, especially ones that have young children. It would be hard to deny access to most of the rest of the congregation under those circumstances.

    I could be wrong though. It's possible the branches may issue an order to make congregations do that, if the GB feels not enough people are returning to meetings around the world over the next year or so. But I think that would also cause serious problems, with many disappearing altogether if they can no longer connect via Zoom.

    But then someone on another thread recently speculated that one of the GB's goals might be to weed out the 'weak' ones and let them leave so that they can concentrate on retaining the ones who are fully indoctrinated and obedient. I think that's a self-defeating policy, but if true, this might be one way of achieving that.

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