Joined an online meeting incognito

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  • Hellothere

    In western world there's not coming in people from territory. Most that attend meetings are older. Many of them won't be alive in ten years. Plus all young abandoning org. I think I'm ten years in the western world half of JWs be gone from org cause different reasons ( Die Old age, inactive, DF, just drop of).

  • FedUpJW

    it seems to be a grade 3 level of study

    WOW! It would seem you have some real content then, compared to what I saw when I quit going. I would have said perhaps 1st grade at best, more like kindergarten.

  • ThomasMore

    WTC lives in such a bubble that they are unable to admit the problem exists, and certainly incapable of addressing it with effective solutions.

    I believe that they are trying to run out the clock, but they don't quite know what the end of the game will bring. Will it be the Great Tribulation? Or will it be prison time? Whatever the case, the men at the top of their pile have an escape plan that includes passports, tickets, offshore accounts and a skeleton staff of yes-men surrounding them.

  • WokenfromJWcult

    Meetings are now mostly just a boasting session that is so repetitive, that more and more seem to be just Lip singing their way to paradise. The meetings are so routine,most are losing their misguided zeal to show up, and zoom is their excuse to stay home and connect but just zone out. Zoom is a boon to the elderly, and I’m guessing also to a few to enjoy psalms 104:15 to the fullest.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo
    How could you tell how many people were in the Kingdom Hall. Do they give you a view of the whole hall on the Zoom video?

    No - Its just that I still know people that attend that cong so I have an idea of the usual attendance.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo
    About 50% of the congs I know of are still not coming to meetings in person, and that's definitely more than the number who are genuinely housebound or who have debilitating conditions that prevent them from attending regularly (usually no more than 10-15 people in any congregation). Of those who do attend on Zoom, hardly any turn their cameras on now.

    The people that dont turn on their cameras are the same ones that trash talk and shun ex-jw's that dont buy into it anymore, yet they cant even turn on their cameras to encourage others?

    For a comparison, during the pandemic, gym members logged into zoom classes, with their cameras on. All of these people couldnt wait to get back to real life classes. Now, gyms are full again, unlike kingdom halls.

  • Journeyman
    The people that dont turn on their cameras are the same ones that trash talk and shun ex-jw's that dont buy into it anymore, yet they cant even turn on their cameras to encourage others?

    I suppose, although I never bought into the whole "turn on your camera to encourage the brothers" thing during the meetings. Afterwards when they used to meet in breakout rooms, ok fine, but not during the meeting. After all, no-one sits facing all the congregation at the hall, watching their faces during a meeting (unless you're the 'brother' sitting on the platform to read the WT study, but that's another issue)!

    It seemed just a way for the elders to monitor everyone was dressed appropriately and at their device for the whole time. Too intrusive. Some congregations were more aggressive about that during lockdown than others, but in my experience it seems now they're more interested in who is physically at the meetings - the elders around my way no longer bother making comments asking people online to turn on their cameras.

  • Biahi

    I overheard some of my mom’s zoom meeting once, all the comments were talking about “Satan”, and how he is everywhere, trying to “get” the witnesses. I heard at least 5 times the name “Satan” mentioned, “ Jesus”, not once. SMH

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    It’s an easy way to fade to just go on zoom with no cam for six months then one meeting every month or so ignore all elders contact

    then go a year or more without attending on zoom or anything and you are no longer a witness

    once you are no longer known as a witness you can do what you like and you won’t be announced so won’t be shunned

    or at least you have that option, you could decide to be one of those ones who still goes to meetings every now and then to keep your hand in

  • joe134cd
    There was a reddit poster who mentioned that to log into zoom you had to get approval from the elders. Wt cannot go completely on line. It will finish them.

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