Elder Rumor How Widesprd: IraqWar=WWIII=Armageddon

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  • SixofNine

    The only rumor-mongering is being done by nancee park in her/his new screen name.

    BFD, an elder sees the next war as armaggedon. The surprise would be if witnesses didn't worry/anticipate gleefully (depending on their confidence level) armageddon at every turn.

    I find it hard to believe that Simon has let you back on here, you twit.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Ashitaka said, " I remember being a kid, and people talking in hushed tones about Desert Storm. Nothing happened then."

    Yes, just as with World War One, and World War Two, and Korea, and the Cold War, and the Cuban Missle Crisis, and Vietnam.

    They can keep wishin' and hopin' and prayin' and dreamin' for untold centuries to come, and they will ALWAYS be disappointed, because their expectation is founded upon a lie.

  • Warrigal

    I do recall when I was active that the thinking was that a man-made war would not be a trigger for the big A because it would dilute God's attack on mankind. He would begin the destruction of the world during a time of relative peace and quiet when those in power would be congratulating themselves on bringing about "peace and security" for their subjects.


  • Soledad
    An inactive friend just spoke to some elders who, not from the platform but one-on-one, said they believe the coming war with Iraq will cause World War III and Armageddon. Has anyone else heard this?


    It may be that some are using this as a tactic to scare inactives back into the Watchtower Society along with their needed donations, especially since the pedophile and WTS-U.N. scandals.

    the sky is falling!! the sky is falling!!

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  • back2dafront

    No doubt most JW's think this will lead to Armeggeddon.

    I'm convinced this war isn't going to be as simple as is hoped for.

    Sadaam is not gonna go out without doing some damage.

    I wouldn't be surprised if USA started getting suicide-bombed once the war starts. We're stocking up on stuff - just in case. You never know. Better safe than sorry IMO.

  • Trotafox
    They're insane. >>IF<< it was Armageddon, what are donations supposed to be for? Buy band-aids? Damned money-grubbing morons!

    LMAO, Nat! You can say that again!


  • Elsewhere

    Every time some significant event happens, they all turn in to Chicken Little...

    The Sky is Falling!
    The Sky is Falling!
    The Sky is Falling!

    I DISTINCTLY recall them saying the SAME thing for the first Gulf War.... and every other war going back to the establishment of the WTS.

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  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Doesn't surprise me but I believe these comments come form fanatical Judas that jump on any bad signs as being a sign of the end of this system of things. I can't say that the Borg condones it but they do not discourage it either. My ex brother in law has been doing that for the last 30 years that I have known him. I can imagine for instance after the September 11 terrorists attacks, him saying how this was the signs of the last days and that this system can't last another year. I recall in late 1974 how he said this "old system of things" would not last past 1975. That we would have all been walking hand in hand in that new system by then.



    As has already been pointed out...We've all heard the "unofficial" but widely spread rumors before. Yes, every war or conflict that's come along ..."is going to lead to Armegeddon." When I was a kid, many moons ago, I remember being scared s***less during the Cuban Missle Crisis. I think that was about the time we were studying the "Your Will Be Done" book (ugly green one) that had the Soviet Union as the King of the North going after all the oil fields. Then the 7-Day War...another terrifying time as a kid in school, waiting for it all to blow up into God's Holocaust...and so on and on and on.... Remember too, they cover their asses because if something goes the other way, they scream "Peace & Security"...such as the Soviet Union crumbling. That was supposed to lead to Armegeddon or the Trib' or something. Also, the Year of Peace declared by the United Nations...Oh my Gawd, something had to happen that year.... FIZZLE.


  • gumby

    they believe the coming war with Iraq will cause World War III and Armageddon

    Damn! And I had it all wrong! Here I thought the cry for peace and security would bring it on......after the beast destroyed all of religion except the witnesses! Did those bastards lie to me again? Now their saying this war will bring it on? Damn.....I need to pay attention more from now on!


    BTW.....I feel so sorry to all those who never got witnessed to and will die because this war will bring on armaggedon. It's just to bad Jesus words about the preaching work to all ends of the world will never be realized........damn war!

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