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  • Gary1914
    I don't think being a minority makes you a victim of anything except numbers. The only things I can think of that are truly discriminatory are things like the United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America. Try to have things like the United Caucasian College Fund, Cloud Magazine, White Entertainment Television, or Miss White America and see what happens. Jesse Jackson will be knocking down your door.

    Frank, Jesse would indeed be at the door. ; That is because for years every one of the above were only for whites. Beauty pageants, magazines, etc. were the sole possession of white society and even though blacks lived among you, they were virtually invisible in society. ; They were not afforded any of the privileges that whites had. ; Blacks could not use whiye toilets or drink at white water fountains or join white beauty pagents. (I wonder if that were true today would you be as vocal?) Blacks could not go to your schools and in some places it was even considered insolence on the part of blacks to look you in the eye. It was a lilly white world and we had better learn to live in it.

    Then came civil rights and for the first time in history ;blacks had the chance to strut ;their stuff and show what ;they could do. ; Even though blacks are still trying to get it together, some of the ways they sought ;to equalize ;conditions was to have their own pagents just as whites had had for years and to have their own magazines. ; Is that so awful? Are you so petty and jealous that you begrudge the black race those few little things that they have been able to accomplish.

    All of the things that blacks have and you are so angry about have been in existence for only a few short years. ; However, the establishment of white corporations and magaines and pagents have been in existence since the formation of this great country.

    So, instead of joining you whitesin some things blacks went and made their own. ; What is the big deal? Why are you so threatened?</P>
    <P>Perhaps one day race won't be the issue it is today and we will eventually all homoginize together. ; In the meantime, is it really so awful that blacks have some things that are just theirs alone?

    You live in the south don't you Frank? ; Of course you have every right to think and feel how you wish. ; Just try to show some compassion, some empathy and some understanding and maybe less anger.</P>

  • Francois

    Gary, my boy, there isn't any anger in there. None. Your impression that there is is YOUR overlay, and therefore your problem. I find it very interesting that in one breath you tell me that I have the right to think and feel how I wish. IN THE VERY NEXT BREATH, you tell me how I SHOULD be feeling and thinking. You're nothing if not inconsistent. Bet you're a liberal, ain'tcha, ain'tcha, come'on, ain'tcha? It's mostly liberals, after all that wanna tell other people how they ought to be and feel and think this or that or the other way.

    So, in all sincerity Gary, I say to you: stuff it where the sun never shines. You obviously think you are the sage voice of reason and wisdom. To me you're just another liberal gassing your way through an empty life. You see, it's my belief that people mind their own business when it's worth minding. When it's not, when it's a totally empty life, people like you attempt to fill the vacuum by minding other people's business. Like I said earlier, Gary, stuff it where the sun never shines.


  • ashitaka

    The way thing were:

    Blacks could not go to your schools and in some places it was even considered insolence on the part of blacks to look you in the eye. It was a lilly white world and we had better learn to live in it.

    I'll tell you. I grew up in a lower middle class neighborhood on the outskirts of Trenton. We had a pretty equal mix of black, whites, hispanics and many Indian, Chinese, Pakistani, homeland Polish, etc. You've never seen a better melting pot. You know what? We all had the same opportunities. We all have been rather successful as adults. Still, it would seem that we were discriminated against...and that was because of our financial status, and I think that is the real problem in America, the distinction between the classes.

    Where I grew up, there were no race problems. We all got along. I can't remember any bad words or bad feelings toward any neighbors because of race. It's no longer a lily white world, and I think America has made great strides in accepting everyone, almost to a fault. People need to stop whining and take what America has to offer, and stop thinking that the past defines the future. Do not visit the sins of the father (or in this case, someone else's great-great-great-great grandfather) on the son.


  • Gary1914

    Like I said earlier, Gary, stuff it where the sun never shines

    Frank, likewise I'm sure.

    You think being "liberal" is a bad thing then? Then to lump all liberals togethers as thinking and acting a certain way certainly shows a lack of intelligence.

    Anyway, I have never thought of myself as liberal. I'm sorry if you thought I was telling you how to think. I certainly didn't mean it that way. I was more or less trying to say live and let live. Don't get so bent out of shape becaue people are doing things that you don't agree with. Learn to live with all people and celebrate their differences. "Stuffing it where the sun don't shine" is not a very constructive answer but if that is all you have to offer I will accept it.

    You think I see myself as the voice of reason? Nothing could be farther from the truth. I just try to empathize with other people and to see things from a point of view other than my own. But then I guess not as many things bug me about blacks as they do you.

  • Francois

    See? There you go again. You're more liberal than you know. You make up things you think I think and then attribute them to me, as in there are fewer things about blacks that bug you than bug me. That sort of dishonest twisting and attribution of facts is a liberal phenomena. And it is just about as dishonest as a person can get. It is a favorite trick of the JWs. It's what they do when they use the ellipse (...). When you investigate, you often discover that the JW ellipse represents an entire page of information. I was under the impression you wanted to get AWAY from the JWs and their tactics. I guess I was wrong.

    So your remark about blacks bugging me and the relativity of it between you and I is cynical and abusive to the same degree and extent, and with the same dishonest usage that the JWs would put it. You attempt to tar me with a very large brush even before I respond to Stinky Pantz. How you can even begin to regard yourself as honest is beyond me. I don't know about others here who might be following this thread, but as far as I'm concerned, you simply are the single biggest liar I've run across on the board. Why don't you shut your pie hole until the conversation is closed? Or is having all the information at hand too much to ask for from the likes of you? I can assure you that you will be talking to the ether on this thread as far as I'm concerned. This is a conversation between Stinky Pantz and I and after the next installment I'll be interested in other's comments. Till then, you can go piss up a rope.

    To you other's who have commented. Am I wrong about this? Is Gary out of line here with his jumping the gun, or am I just an old fashioned person to expect all evidence to be in place before the mud slinging to begin?

    OH, and to the 98% of you who support my viewpoint and outlook already, thank you. There will be more tomorrow. I've noticed that political arguments online get really ugly really fast. However, I'm thinking for some unknown reason that S.P. and I will be able to keep it on an intellectual plane. I certainly hope so. THAT I'm looking forward to. Gary, unfortunately, has proven himself hopeless already; the product of a liberal JW education.



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  • Gary1914


    I can see that you are getting upset so I will leave this thread. I didn't know that all the evidence was not in. I took the remarks you made about pagents and magazines and Jesse were clearly evidence enough.

    Call all your friends to agree with you. That's okay to. Some people need the support of other people so that they can be proved "right", I hear my own drummer and speak my mind as I see it.

    I never piss up trees. That must be some southern thing and something I am not familiar with. Perhaps you will esplain it to me some day.

    Why do you think that being liberal is so bad??? By the way, other people besides JW's are liberal too. It is not a phenomenon just of that religion.

  • StinkyPantz


    What magazines celebrate ONLY Anglo beauty?
    Why'd you ask? I never said that certain magazines celebrate ONLY Anglo beauty. I only said that many if not most magazines are filled primarily with White ladies. And when there is a "Black" girl she's usually very light skinned or biracial (half White, half Black). Jet magazine and other "Black" magazines offer things that others don't. For example, look in the hair care section of Cosmo. It's advice it towards anyone that doesn't have hair like a Black girl's. We have different hair and we wear darker makeup, etc. "Black" magazines cater to these things that other magazines do not.
  • freedom96

    The guy who originally said the post started by Froncois is George Carlin, and I think he makes many good points, and these comments also remind me of the song by the Eagles, "Get Over It."

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  • wasasister

    So, which is it, Frank? Did you copy these thoughts, or are they truly your own?

    Six, marry me?

  • back2dafront

    The United States is considered America, not Mexico, not Canada. Therefore the people that live within the USA are considered Americans. Most continents are split up into different countries - I don't see what's so difficult to understand about that.

    The people that took over or founded the land that is called the USA were all white.

    They used blacks as slaves.

    As time progressed, blacks fought for their right to be viewed as equal HUMANS, and they won.

    Unfortunately, not all is smooth in the relationship between blacks and white. Racism still exists, and believe it or not, many black people are still made to feel inferior to whites. It took my girlfriends grandparents a full year to accept me into the family. Ever had to experience that, Francois? Have you ever been looked down upon for being white? Have you ever been made to feel that you're not good enough for your wife because you're white?

    Probably not. And that's your problem. You fail to possess the ability to put yourself in another shoes, therefore you spit out random thoughtless garbage about sensitive things that you KNOW are touchy subjects, and you still don't care. And anyone who dares confront you about it, even if they do so in a nice manner, better be prepared for a verbal attack of insults.

    You're pathetic.

    Why care if black people want to distinguish themselves as Afro-American? Whites are the ones that put up the wall - you think they made blacks want to feel apart of America??

    Skin colors represent different cultures as well, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to identify w/ ones culture. I can't understand why anyone would see a problem with a Spanish TV station, or an Asian restaurant. What's the frikkin difference?

    I actually agree with most of your statements in your post except for the black thing, however the way you responded to Gary was predictable and childish. You've got issues.

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