Celebrate with me today

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  • think41self


    Beautiful story, I wish you both long life and happiness.

    Here's to true soulmates:>

    I could relate to alot of your story. I too found my "kindred spirit" after so many years of thinking no one would ever "know me", much less truly love and appreciate me. But I am here to tell you also, it's never too late, and it can happen when you least expect it!!

    P.S. "our song" that describes how we found each other and feel about each other is Sarah Mclaughlin's "Arms of the Angel"


  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith

    What a beautiful story, Es. It was remarkably similar to finding my soulmate, Julia - especially the scene at the airport at our first meeting. You're absolutely right...never give up on finding true love.
    Julia and I send our love to Justin and yourself.


  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Welcome to the board if I have failed to do so before. Just wanted to let you know that song is one of Thinker and my favorite songs. He says that is how he thinks of me!!
    Welcome to you too!!!!

  • StiLLinTruth

    Oooh, so beautiful Essie.

    And just think.. in just a hundred years

    you will both be dead.

    That's what I call temporary.

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