Celebrate with me today

by Esmeralda 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • Uni girl
    Uni girl

    Dearest Essie

    Of course everyone will celebrate with you...many many congratulations and may you both be happy for a long time.

    Its spooky but the same thingish happened to me and he's called Justin...we're gettin married in 4 weeks

  • Esmeralda

    Thanks again everybody! We really appreciate all your good wishes and happy thoughts. :)

    rhesa...are you the same lady who I've been e mailing who planned
    to use that alias here? If so...yayyy! You made it! So happy to have
    you here!!!

    If you're another rhesa...welcome to the board anyway!


  • Kristen

    Es and Justin,

  • Roamingfeline

    Congrats to you Esmeralda. That was a Beautiful, very moving tale. I wish you both the best in your future. Sounds like you have it all, now, and I'm very happy for you.


  • Carmel

    now that's cool!! two thumbs up to the two of ya!! Fer what it's worth, I loves ya too!!

    eligah pink cheeks

  • Prisca


    Your post about meeting each other truly moved me. I wish you & Justin a lifetime of happiness together

    Congratulations on your "anniversary"

  • Sunchild

    Aww, Es, that's so wonderful! You and your hubby are so lucky to have found each other, and to share such love between you. Congratulations to you both on your special day.


    "Most men complacently accept 'knowledge' as 'truth'. They are sheep, ruled by fear."
    -- Sydney Losstarot, "Vagrant Story."

  • rhesa

    Yup. It's me!!! Best wishes again to you and yours. Thanks for all your help and friendship. Someone once said, "It's not wise to count your friends on sunny days, count them when it's pouring". Hello, friend.

  • willy_think


    your posts are grate, it is good to see that there is also love in the world. happy days to you and yours.

  • RR

    Here's to freedom, here's to new love, here's to starting over!

    Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, it's not God's fault!

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