As a kid how did you survive the meetings?

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  • SheilaM

    I am so angry I made my kids live with those dang meetings. I wasn't as strict as some but they got to hear us fight after every meeting, I think it was pent up anger neither of us wanting to be there LOL We would argue about senseless drivel but the anger wasn't about any of it.

    So, too my kids and all the dub kids that endured the torture as a Mom I am sorry

  • fraidycat9

    Only as a kid???!!! I do now just as Megadude my bible. My favorites? Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.

  • caligirl

    Zoning out mostly. I don't remember thinking about anything in pasrticular, just anything to remove myself from the boredom. doodle in the margins of my watchtower. Once I had my license, and car I occupied my time with planning the quickest escape after the meeting - how many people were between me and the door and my getting home to watch my favorite tv program. Book studies, we couldn't get the people out of the house fast enough so we could turn on that lovely little box!

  • ARoarer

    Zoning out, daydreaming, visual imagry,staring blankly at scriptures, all of these are in fact dissociation. The Watchtower was very effective in training listeners to be dissociative zombies. Drifting and every now and then hearing thier "buzz words" of mind control, like Armegeddon, Babylon the Great, everlasting destruction, witnesses in good standing, spiritually weak ones, false christians, worldly ones, unbelieiving mates, pagan teachings, apostates, we're Jehovah's Witnesses, those worthy of destruction, the pure language, bad association, theocratic, and blah, blah blah blah. The taught listeners to react the way they wanted them to react at the sound of those buzz words. It is no wonder so many Jehovah's Witnesses suffer from dissociative disorders, low self esteem, anxiety disorders and non critical thinking. Long tiring repetitious meetings over and over, year after year, decade after decade. Kind of like the twighlight zone being on a train hat never reaches it's destination, when all those riding on it keep waiting and waiting for their next stop that never comes. I guess the only way is to jump off the train the next time it seems to be nearing another stop that never comes. Can anyone think of any other buzz words that they heard while zoning out during the talks?

  • Roski

    My parents would often ask me "where are we in the paragaraph now?" As I would not be following along the whole time, I learned to speed read at a very early age. A very useful skill for the rest of my life. Probably the best thing I learned at the meetings.

  • justhuman

    It was NIGHTMARE

    Specially the Watchtower study-those articles about Armageddon and the killing of millions of people.

    Like every other kid I was

    1. Going to the toilet 3-4 times during the meeting

    2. Drawing in my WT magazine

    3.Thinking what will happened in the next episode of Star Trek and Space 1999


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