What REALLY Happens During A Judicial Meeting

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  • kelpie

    Tell me about love...

    when I really needed support and help, they told me to go and pray some more.... there is no love

  • zev


    Then when you finally get the nod and your return to the fold is announced, you get to endure all the false smiles and hypocritical welcome-backs from sisters who gossiped that you fell pregnant (not) and brothers who knew they had tried to hit on you and were scared that you'd dobbed them in so never spoke to you again.

    the whole disfelllowshipping thing, in fact the whole organizational thing is about anything but love.

    your post said allot.

    how many times did we sit in judgement as full blown dubs, after hearing a disfellowshipping announcement, and try to figure out what the person did. how many of us thought THE WORST things?!?! how did we view these people when they did return to "the fold"? did we really open up to them and welcome them back in true christian "love" into the "brotherhood"?

    it makes me sick to even think back at how i saw things and people, life in general when i was fully indoctrinated.

    jehovahs people are loving? puuuulease!

    some people, were, don't get me wrong. some people really cared. i'm not saying every jw is unloving. that wouldn't be fair at all.

    look at what the watchtower, gods spirit directed visible earthly clean wholesome organization has done to real humans and their feelings, the real love of humankind that is show more with us "apostates" (worldly people) than inside the jw cult.

    i better hit that button again, i'm getting carried away......

  • zev

    What REALLY Happens During A Judicial Meeting

    what happens is peoples lives, relationships with their family and friends is ruined, right before their eyes. in minutes, even seconds.

  • Mary

    "...After a few more questions and answers, the elders ask you if you would mind leaving the room while they discuss things..."

    Discuss things? Ha!! They ask you to leave the room so they can whack off after hearing all the details about your fornication episode. It's like telephone sex to them, 'cept they don't have to pay. Then after they're finished, they feel guilty about what they've done. Obviously they haven't "deadened their body members" quite enough. It's all YOUR fault, getting them all excited, sitting there so seductively, talking about sex...........yes YOU must be punished for their weakness!! Disfellowship this Jezebel, before she fornicates with ALL the men in the Hall!!! By the way sister, where do you live and what time do you undress for bed? Do you leave your curtains open so everyone can SEE you??!! We'll be keeping a REAL close eye on you............

  • willy_think

    Substitute the words "dead" for "DF,"(dead to Gods Grace) "Inquisitor" for "elder" and you've just described the inquisition. Hummmm

  • Blueblades

    Let me tell you about one Judicial meeting I served on and wished that I never was on it.It involved two congregations.Now when the D.O.heard who it was that was being accused,he said to us ,"He definitely needs to be disfellowedshipped".

    This was his directive to us!!! Before we even met with the brother.When everything was said and done in both cong's.JCM.They did not disfellowship the sister, but we did the brother according to the D.O.'s wishes.

    Now we met with both the sister and the brother separately and together,six elders,three each from our respective cong.'s.

    Later one of the elders who was tight with the C.O. was removed from his position but not disfellowedshipped,the same elder who had previously served on this J.C.M. and who would not approach Jehovah in prayer at the time of investigating this case at that time.

    I thought, why would he not open with prayer and petition Jehovah God's Holy Spirit to direct us in this matter even though the D.O had already decided for disfellowshipping before we would meet in the way the F.D.S.and the flock book directed. ( not to mention using the Bible verses planted for just such an occasion).

    When it was announced that he was being removed ( the same elder who served on this investigation ) I then realized why he could not pray back then.

    The D.O. was angry to say the least, that the sister was not disfellowedshipped as was the brother.He could not understand how the brother's arrived at a separate decision. ( forget about if there was repentance) he did not want to hear of it.He wanted the same disfellowedshipping decision for both. ( the case was of a sexual nature that invovled a group of young ones )

    After this I was painfully aware that this policy was not of God's doing but of man and avoided serving on any others. Blueblades

  • blondie

    What happens during a judicial committee depends on several factors?

    The personalities of the elders selected.

    Brother Knows Their Guilty Without Proof

    Brother New Along for the Ride to Get Experience

    Brother Works for the Sister's Husband (or Brother on trial)

    Brother Can't Remember The Name of the Judgee

    Brother Has a Hidden Grudge Against the Judgee

    Brother Wants to Get it Over with and Go Golfing

    Brother Leases Office Space to the Judgee

    Brother Who Has been On 3 Committees this Month and Wants To Sleep

    and so on

    What has always amazed me is that these men have to be unanimous in their decision? Whereas the GB only needs a 2/3 vote. What has happened to some who were the 1 out of 3 for acquittal? Did they badger you to their side though you felt differently? Did you do the badgering? Were you ever sorry you gave into the other 2? Why 3 why not 2 (2 witness rule)? How to you provide witnesses if the judicial committee is sprung on you?

    Elders and ex-elders and JC judgees????

    Blondie (is this hijacking?)

  • orangefatcat

    Your S A C R F I C E D

    Love Orangefatcat.

  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,

    Thanks for the topic. Please allow me few words.

    Your interesting , logical, factual accounts about

    the "JC" gives, together with the direct testimonies

    of some " v i c t i m e s " the true picture of the

    essence of all "JC" i.e.

    - basically no desire, no application, not even the

    slightest apoproach or imitation of Jesus Christ

    attitude toward " s i n n e r s ". He had LOVE,LOVE

    and LOVE, all the "JC"s have - from the WTBS Inc.

    rules...rules and finally rules.

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

  • AGuest

    "What really happens?"... and may you all have peace...

    I don't know about everyone else, but for me... there were a LOT of meetings... and a LOT of "gnashing [of] teeth" goin' on. A WHOLE lot. I mean, I didn't truly understand that statement... entirely... until I witnessed it with my own eyes. Quite literally. Never before in my life had I seen jaws clinch and hear teeth grind to such a degree (at least, not while the individual was awake!).

    Ah, well... surprise!... and then again, not.

    Peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


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