Deconstructing Splanes 'Generation' explanation

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  • OneFingerSalute

    I am really excited about this "new" explanation of what a generation is.

    My great-grandfather was born in the early 1860's. His son, my grandfather was of the same generation being born before GG died. My father was of the same generation as his father, who was of the same generation as my great-grandfather. Still with me? Now I am of the same generation that my father is because we are both still alive. Now seeing that my father, and his father are of the same overlapping generation as my great-grandfather, and I am of the same generation as BOTH of them, that means I am of the same multiple overlapping generation as my great-grandfather. And we were only born one hundred years apart.

    So, i know that isn't the exact way Splane 'splaned things, but it makes the same amount of sense.

  • Vidiot

    @ WatchtowerFree...

    F**king beautiful!

  • Vidiot


    "New generation expla-nation... tryin' to resolve our unexpected stagnation..."

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I really wouldn't read too much into this rant until you actually see it in the Watchtower. I think it's just some guy(s) blowing hot air(opinion) for now.
  • Pubsinger

    Totally stupid explanation. My mother and I are 20 years different in age. But she's one generation and I am another.

    It's that simple.

  • garyneal
    Today's witnesses do not really care about generations and 1914. This whole overlapping thing, I think, is simply about keeping the older ones around until they die off. Then the teaching will be scrapped.
  • airborne
    I enjoyed this topic thread.
  • bennyk

    Among other problems with Splane's "explanation" is this: the "that generation" of Exodus 1:6 did not (according to said scripture) reach its terminus with Joseph's death. Therefore, to be consistent with the Watchtower's new improved definition of a "generation", the hypothetical baby born 10 seconds after Joseph's death would be a part of "that generation", i.e. Joseph's generation.

    What a load of BS...

  • LevelThePlayingField

    garyneal - you said, 'once the old JW folks die off the generation teaching will be scrapped.'

    You couldn't be more right. I think the JW religion will become more & more like it has started to become like it is now: a feel good religion that the JW.ORG has become.

  • wizzstick

    At around 4 minutes into the September 2015 video Splane said "For the man and the baby to be part of Josephs generation they would have had to have lived at least some time during Joseph's lifespan."

    An easy way to debunk the Josepeh idea is to read Genesis 50: 22-23:

    22 And Joseph continued to dwell in Egypt, he and the household of his father, and Joseph lived for 110 years. 23 Joseph saw the third generation of Eʹphra·im’s sons,+ also the sons of Maʹchir,+ Ma·nasʹseh’s son. They were born upon Joseph’s knees.

    Ephraim was Joseph's son by his wife Asenath.

    So Joseph lived for how long? 110 years.

    And he saw how many generations in that time? He saw the third generation of Emphriam's sons but you could therefore say he saw 4 (including Emphraim).

    Deary me David, Don't ya just hate it when the Bible doesn't support your crap?

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