Theocratically Approved JW Party (Gathering) Games

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  • SYN

    Brother Flippy only realized his terrible fashion faux pas when the Blind Bookstudy Conductor arrived in a suit.

    The Book Study became somewhat psychedelic after Sister Flep spiked the coffee with mescaline.

    Just when Brother Flippy was sure he was on the "Fast Track" to becoming a Ministerial Servant, the Elders dashed his hopes by making a huge demonized tennis ball chase him around while he was blindfolded.

    The Elders had said it was a Book-Study aid, but Brother Flippy personally thought it was just a blindfold.

    Nobody had said that the rites of initiation at Bethel included being chased by giant tennis balls while blindfolded!

  • Gizmo

    RUN RUN Venus Williams Just served!

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl


    I don't think the majority of us would consider: All houses, Not At Home, a penalty at this point. I would call it a definite "Get Out Of Jail Free" card. Hehehhe.

    Country Girl

  • ashitaka

    Hey everybody! Watch me cleverly avoid the pedophile issue! Follow my lead! What could go wrong?

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    "Tree of Knowlege" - is it for Christians?

    It has been said that True Christians(tm) should carefully guard against all possiblities of compromise with Satan. Certainly this would be true when selecting leisure time activities, would it not?

    Some brothers have encouraged others to participate in playing a board game titled, "Tree of Knowledge" that purports to increase the players' understanding and memorization of scripture. But does it?

    The phrase "tree of knowledge" occurs only once in the Bible, and is associated with man's fall from perfection and God's grace. Partaking from this original tree of knowledge was forbidden to the first human pair. Why would the situation today be any different?

    Remember that it was the serpent who seduced Eve into partaking of THIS original "tree of knowledge." Could the same serpent be trying to seduce Christians of this 21st century with something similar?

    A 12 1/2 year old baptized speical pioneer sister in Milton Freewater, Washington, relates this experience: "I was doing some IM witnessing on the internet one Saturday evening when I received an urgent message of concern from my cousin. She has a friend whose uncle bought a copy of the board game "Tree of Knowledge" and within one year was disfellowshipped from the congregation as an apostate."

    Sobering words indeed. Let us be sure to keep our spiritual armour cinched down tight, and gird our heads (in a figurative sense) with the protective aluminum foil helmet of trooth. Satan will drive his wedge of doubt in wherever he can, especially as the triumphant day of Jehovah draws near.

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  • D8TA

    There was always the "unsanctioned" version of...spin the bottle!

  • Swan

    I remember playing hangman with a friend while waiting in the car at a very long back call/return visit. Then the PO's wife told us we shouldn't play that game because it was violent. (Duh! Like the Bible doesn't promote capital punishment?) This was the same game my teacher played with us played in our classroom with our weekly spelling list.

    I also drew comic stories but got in trouble because that same PO's wife saw that one of my characters was a shape-shifting chameleon and a master of disguise. She said it promoted reincarnation. So 144,000 get reincarnated as spirit creatures (with wings maybe?), but my little cartoon was obscene. What a party pooper!


  • ashitaka

    Is that where you spin the bottle, and if it lands on you, you have to read a squeamish part of the Song of Solomon in front of an elder, and the hottest girl in the hall, and not have your face turn red?

  • Elsewhere

    Speaking of Tennis Balls... at one gathering we did that little game where men and women pass a tennis ball from neck to neck by holding it in place with the chin.

    Nothing like "necking" with a hot virginal pioneer babe!

  • D8TA

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