Do NOT PRAY for the Astronauts families!!!!!!!!!!

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  • JT

    This was ofcourse a bigg tragedy, and we ofcourse feel sorry fore ther freinds, but we have tragedi all over, here it was 7 persons, who now this was a risky thing, and they do it in free will, but why you never say anything about all children women and men who is killd in Irak when US is terror bombing on nights, i have never see anyone of yoyu here say one thing about this, isnt peopel life of same walue?

    Or have you fall in the trapp of nationalism JT, i hope not, beacause i belive you are a nice person, only some thoughts in the morning,

    thanks for the response , but i think you missed the point of my post- you may want to re-read it again- to my knowledge and based on my exp i don't think any jw speaker at the end of any meeting today will close with a prayer for the folks in Iraq, Africa, or the USA -

    i think you missed the point of the post, sorry if i was not clear on the issue under disscusion

  • JT


    great post- you are always on the money girl

    U GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Nice to see you posting again JT. I have taken short breaks too. Very good topic and very good comments all..!


  • JT




    MENTIONED THE 9-11 event, well when I heard the response of bethel it only re-confirmed in the mnds of many of us that leaving wt was the best thing we could do- and I stand by my position that WT has nothing good to offer except high speed printing presses SMILE



    I remember it like yesterdai....I was at Bethel doing vol. const work and was seated at Abrahamson's table ,there was abosutelely nothing mentioned.

    It's kinda funny that you posted this thread,my wife and I were having a similar conversation on how prayer was nearly always reserved for the Bro.'s or that the "others" would learn the truth.


    $$$$$$$$$$$ HEY JEFF he was a true Society Man to the bone and yet as the head of the table he expressed no concern- that is the depth of the wt indoctrination and it comes home so well to me for that was how I often times felt- wt takes out the heart and soul of many of us-

    it is so good to read here of those who never succumbed to such brain washing, but I cant say the same for myself- but now I am out and I cant believe the way I used to think reason and act

    it was like I was a different person when in the borg


    JT; glad your back ,, and WOW this thread really summed up the wt ... there is nothing good about the wtbts.... you said it very directly and that is the truth... the wt is one of the most unloving groups in the world.....john

    ### I just believe in calling a spade a spade man


  • WildHorses

    Nice to have you back, JT.

  • chester


    It is nice to have you back on the forum expressing your thoughts. You express things very well.

    It is good too that you have gotten away from that WT way of thinking.

    I have noticed and I am very happy that you and "Lady C" are much happier people than you were when you were in the Borg.

    It is so nice to be "FREE"

  • happy man
    happy man


    I read what you say, what i mean was, when we have all this news about bombing of Irak from Us, and we have them frekvently here in sweden , I never see one world from you about pray fore this peopel, that was what I mean widh the poision of nationalism.

    But perhaps you never heard this news in US.

    And I can not agree widh you on this prying thing, when i was an elder I have freeedom to pry fore what i want , even this wordley kings, as i think you now even Wt tells us.

    I must say i am realy deasapointed over all this nationalism I see from even former Jws, you must look upp now, i think we are in very dangerus times, and the qestion is, is the US president out of hes minds. Can he send the word in fire, only beaucause he want to have acses to oil in Irak, here in Europa it is no qestion , most peopel say Bush is crayzy, and a gun man from Texas, as he think this is a western movie, I can not understand that you dont see this propraganda fore war, even Germanys president see this, and say no to this madness.

    As a very sensebel man JT you must se this and never fall fore this propaganda from kings who think they one the word, almost like Nebukanessar in old babylon. I now most peopel in US is very nice persons, at least i saw that when i was ther , but when it comes to politics, i think you some times lost comen sens. Wasnt it inaf widh Wietnam, ore other places, and we all now who send all this bombs to Saddam several years ago, yes it was US goverment, to help saddam in war against Iran.

    widh love from HM

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