I am saying good-bye too.......

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  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    jesika; you had me worried about you for a second..... allways love your heart felt comments, even if i don't reply!!! you keep going girl , i want to step off a little, but i will never leave, till i get thrown out lol.... glad you are doing your part in texas.... i'm still trying to do mine..... love john

  • Jesika

    JH---Well, since I was 15 when I left, my family saw it as a way to curve my rebellion and I would come back. That didn't happen.

    I left the JW's cause I wanted to, but I think I am too attached here to leave. Even if I slow down on posting someday, I have met too many people I care about here.

    Valis---What you posted has inspired me to start another thread about something else, but I need to wait till Monday cause I have company coming over.


    PS. Thank you all for responding, and it is nice to know so many here would miss me. It is a really good feeling to know people REALLY care, and not because I put in "my time" here LOL.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Well I'm not going anywhere.

    Thanks for calling Jes. >gulp< Posting was harder than I thought.

  • onacruse


    Jes, I'm gonna be here as long as y'all will have me!


  • Aztec

    Hey Jes that kinda freaked me when I saw the topic...LOL

    Do I see myself leaving someday? Yep! At the end of June when I move I will be without a computer and I will be without internet for who knows how long..Ah well...I've shared my phone number with enough people that I doubt I'll be lonely


  • Jim_TX

    "... but I was really wondering if any of you thought the day would come that you would say good-bye from this board."


    It's all part of healing and moving on with our lives. If someone hangs around here day after day - which turns into year after year...

    Then they are not progressing or healing.

    Personally, I am making visits here less and less. *wide grin*

    Any friends that I have made here will have my phone number - or address - or e-mail, and can stay in touch with me that way.


    Jim TX

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