Reflecting on my Disfellowshipping

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  • kairos

    Today is the day.

    I was baptized as one of Jehovah's Witnesses on March 25th 1989.
    Disfellowshipped for admitted apostasy today, September 10th 2015.

    What an amazing story we all share. How did we get involved with this group and think this was the best way of life?

    I asked my wife to stay home from the meeting tonight and spend the evening with me.
    She is...

    We celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary this past Monday.

    I must admit, I never saw any of this coming, but it couldn't have come sooner.
    I'm free of all the fake friendships. I can do as I please with out having to worry who sees.
    That's a relief right there.

  • Sabin
    Kairos, Big Hug Mate. Hope it all goes well for you. Happy anniversary, 19 years good on ya. Glad your wife went out with you sounds like a reasonable woman.
  • Splash

    It's going to be very strange to start with, but in the long term you've done an amazing thing.

    If you ever wonder whether you did the right thing or not, just read some of the posts on here about their crazy, forever changing rules and teachings, and the way they treat people.

    Feel sorry for those still in, there's none so blind who will not see.

  • Alive!

    Keep your head up.

    Your conscience was hurt by the lies - you couldn't continue in that way.

    Your sensibilities were offended by the 'spiritual cage' that is the corporate structure of the brand.

    The people in that sad congregation who listened to the announcement are trapped - they put their trust in a religion which at one point was led by a man who declared that the patriarchs would be resurrected in 1925, to live in an American purpose built mansion. They put their trust in a faith led on earth by men who in very recent times lie to courts and get caught out.

    Jesus promised he would put the right words in the mouths of his 'followers' when they were forced to make judicial appearances in secular courts.

    These leaders of are not the 'sort' Jesus asked us to trust in.....

    This isn't a preaching post - but whether one 'believes' in Christ or not - it is clear, the is NOT the one and only true religion and it has no right to make that claim.

  • chicken little
    chicken little

    Pat on the back to you both, well done. Hope you can enjoy your life now and put it all behind you. Men seem much better at that than us women...speaking for myself of course. My husband has not looked back once since we left 8 years ago. He was an elder and pioneer and very popular in speaking at assemblies etc. Now he cannot possibly understand how he was part of it all.

    Enjoy your life and happy anniversary!

  • tiki

    Congratulations!!!! Enjoy the freedom to be you...unshackled by man made rules and regulations and misapplication of good compassion...fair mindedness...everything they tout that they are sadly lacking,

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Congrats! Welcome to true freedom!
  • stuckinarut2

    Welcome to the REAL life!

    A wise man supposedly once said "you will know the TRUTH and the TRUTH will set you free!

  • ducatijoe

    Karios .Well done. Enjoy your life

  • dubstepped
    Cheers Mr. Kairos! I know you never expected to be here, like I never expected to be DAed last week. What a long, strange journey it has been. But let me tell you that there was a sense of freedom and peace that came over us last week and continues today. Many hang their heads when they get out, but hold your head erect, for your deliverance is here. You're done my man. Don't look back. Keep running toward freedom. It is a strange place, but it is also beautiful if you do it well.

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