How many of you left the Org since 2015?

by Paul Bonanno 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • Bonsai
    My wife and I awoke to the realities of TTATT at the end of 2014 - beginning of 2015. We have both faded and reached the lovely status of obscurity.
  • cappytan
    Woke up completely the first week of 2015. Started researching doubts last quarter of 2014.
  • Crazyguy
    Their s a youtube channel Mike and kim or kim and mike. Anyway they have started putting pins in a coffin lid to show all the ones that have left since November 2014. They have less then 3000 subscribers yet several hundred have contacted them. I believe all the internet activity among other things has really sped up the work, more are leaving then ever before.
  • sparrowdown
    I have watched Kim and Mikey they are a funny couple.
  • Sabin

    Listened to my last meeting on the phone Sep 2014. We were due to go to the international assembly in Oct, An elder gave a talk about obedience to Jehovah, someone mentioned about the international & he said "I was just thinking that myself, are we being obedient & attending" words to that effect. I put the phone down, never listened in or attended a meeting again. I didn't go to the assembly, even though we had booked & paid for our flights (most of you know why). Any way the point is I was disgusted, there were many bro/sis who would not be able to afford to go or cope with the crowds. There will be ones that will still be paying the debt off cause they paid with credit cards & yet when they got there they were asked for contributions. The strain that would put on their everyday family life trying to survive all for 3 days, & they go on about the expence of xmas.

    Can you even begin to imagine what it would be like for the ones who didn't go, how the others would have rubbed salt into their wounds & how that would leaving them feeling because they had let God down, they weren't obedient. I find the whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • John Free
    John Free
    I walked away with my family at the end of March 2015. Great to be free!
  • onightdivine

    Amazing to see many woke up this year. Yay!

    (That's why I thought there were a lot of new names here when I came back/logged in after a year.)

  • nowwhat?
    Inactive for a year and half still go to about half the meetings for family reasons. Wish I could move away to get out completely.
  • lrkr

    Walked away in 2007. Woke up... it was a gradual process leading up to that.

    Enjoy your new freedom class of 2015! Shake the fear off- one new experience at a time.

  • wizzstick

    Started waking up in 2010.

    Woke up in 2013 and managed to walk away with my wife and 2 young children.

    We're very lucky,

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