The new 'classes' has created. Which one are you?

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    I like turtles.
  • dhlpcjw
    ?#[ The Cold Shoulder Spouse Class -While oblivious to the fact they are in a cult, this class of mate buries their heads deeply into the sand and makes life extremely difficult for their mentally out spouse.
  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    '...makes life extremely difficult for their mentally out spouse...'

    Shouldn't that be 'mentally diseased' spouse?

  • prologos
    gnoranceisbliss9 hours ago

    That guy that posted a few months ago who wasn't a dub but had a dub wife that cheated on him should have his own class. I have no idea what to call that class though

    Would that not be the "cuckold class"? It is actually kind of a misnomer, for in Nature it is mainly the female that is the victim, she has to sit endlessly on another bird specie's eggs.

    But hey, if he does not know, ignorance is bliss! ignoranceisbless.

    13 hours ago

    I don't care about doctrine whatsoever

    Interesting that you would exclude doctrine of being of no interest, on this site. Human related problems, even pedophilea, permeate all of society, but wacky wt doctrine, including prophecy,- is what makes them distinct, and ultimately should be the cause of their failure. I compare doctrines in religions to the sciences, math, physics, cosmology in the world ,that searches into the Big Question. and if you get your science wrong, you are sunk. so:

    No. 6, and Deist for me, analyse it.

  • tiki

    Stan live...the photo says it the location beside what appears to me to be two giant trash bins....

    My group are disgusted born-ins who extricate themselves and seriously resent the damages that lunatic religion heaps on innocent victims.

  • tiki
    Orphan crow....yep...that dude is in a class by himself!!!! And it is awesome!!!
  • punkofnice

    I am unashamedly a Governing body hater.

    Here's a cartoon from the series in my Millions Now Living book (Ahem..advert..ahem..cough cough***)

  • SecretSlaveClass

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